Limestone Features the Typical Mexican Fare and Some Adventurous Seafood Dishes

If you and your friends are looking for a fiesta in Murfreesboro, look no further than Limestone Mexican Grill and Seafood. Limestone seems to be a step above the typical Mexican restaurant dining experience. There are no mariachi bands wailing in your ear, no piñatas hanging from the ceiling, and no sombreros, although after a few of their margaritas, I would not hesitate to wear one!

Twist of Lime

Twist of Lime

Instead, there are beach-sunset colored floors, chairs that look like they were woven from palm fronds and an attractive, turquoise fountain to welcome you in the door. The patio is also another alluring aspect of Limestone. One can sit outside on a summer night, sip on a margarita of choice and pretend to be on a beach in Cancun (just block out the sounds of traffic from South Rutherford). To get that margarita of choice, stop by during Limestone’s happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. when regular margaritas are $3.50. The daiquiris are also tasty, and if you and your friends need to experience Cinco de Mayo more than once a year, take on the Monster Margarita for $16.75.

And because man cannot live on tequila alone, there is a variety of lunch and dinner options here. Lunch options range from express to specialty. One can choose to stop in for a quick Taco ($4.25) or Tamal ($4.49) meal during a lunch break. Or, sit down and enjoy specialty Fajitas ($7.49) or a Burrito Limestone ($6.99).

However, dinner time is when Limestone serves the more impressive entrées. The manager’s recommendation was a seafood dinner, Filete Perla ($14.99). This course is still cooking as it arrives at the table. The meal is wrapped in an aluminum foil blanket, which is on fire (just for show I assume). After the flame dies down, the foil can be peeled open to reveal a variety of fish filet, chopped shrimp and octopus simmering in the chef’s special sauce. Although octopus can be intimidating, this dish proves to be an unexpected delight. The sauce has a silky texture with slight tomato richness to it. The fish, shrimp and octopus were cooked perfectly. And a mild spice lingers in the background, to remind you that it is a spicy Mexican dish. If tacos and burritos seem too dull, definitely give the Filete Perla a try.

Another adventurous seafood dish is the fish tacos ($10.49). I usually avoid dishes that could have a prominent “fishy” taste (except sushi). However, I was feeling risky and went with the server’s suggestion of fish tacos. The tilapia filets in the tacos were an interesting variation from the beef or chicken. Usually tilapia is a dish reserved for restaurants on a coast, but the fish was good fare for a Tennessee restaurant. The fish was breaded with a brown, crispy outside and the flavor of the fish was not overwhelming in the taco. However, the rest of the ingredients like the lettuce, pico de gallo and white cheese overran the dish and I ended up scraping off most of it back onto my plate. The side of white rice had flair of peas, corn and carrot. It was reminiscent of fried rice at an Asian restaurant, except for no egg and no greasy aftertaste.

However, if you’re not a fan of fish dishes but still want to sample some seafood there are other dishes that feature shrimp. The grilled shrimp poblano ($10.49) is described on the menu as a “large poblano pepper stuffed with grilled shrimp and topped with jalapeno cheese sauce.” The description sets up a high expectation that the actual dish doesn’t follow through with. The “large poblano” pepper wasn’t large at all. The six or seven shrimp could not even be “stuffed” inside. Instead, the pepper and shrimp took a backseat to the large portion of rice, beans and vegetables on the plate. However, despite the disappointing portion size of the pepper and shrimp, this dish was not displeasing in taste. The pepper and seafood were cooked well and were tasty; we just wish we could’ve had more of it.

Other seafood dishes include fresh oysters on the half shell (6 for $5.99, 12 for $10.25) and Camarones Racheros ($12.49). And a dish that I would go back to try is the Milanesa ($11.25), a.k.a. the Mexican style, country-fried steak. They also have a combination menu and items a la carte.

Eating at Limestone Mexican Grill and Seafood can be a vacation to Mexico’s coast. The lunch and dinner meals are reasonably priced for the quality and amount of the food. Friendly smiles from servers and comfortable surroundings make for the enjoyable atmosphere of Limestone. Just remember to not fill up on chips and salsa before you get a chance to eat the meal.

Name: Limestone Mexican Grill and Seafood
Location: 2962 South Rutherford Blvd.
Phone: (615) 962-7853
Hours: 11 a.m.–11 p.m. Fri.-Sat.; 11 a.m.–10 p.m. weekdays
Prices: Fish tacos: $10.49; Fajitas for two: $19.49.


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