Trivia Time

In addition to good food, happy hour specials and karaoke, trivia nights have become a popular addition to some of the bars and restaurants around Murfreesboro.

Trivia is a fun and free way to show off your random knowledge of sports, entertainment and world cultures with your friends, enjoy a few beers and possibly belong to the winning team.

Most of the trivia nights are during the middle of the week. There is no age limit to play and generally groups of three or more are needed to participate.

Some of the top venues for weekly trivia nights are:

Blue Rooster Bar & Music Hall: Located at 114 N. Church Street on the square, ’Tip of the Tongue’ trivia night goes on Thursday nights from 7’9 p.m. Russell Thomas is the new host for Thursdays. Bring a big team for trivia at the Rooster; his questions usually consist of lists of 10 items or people, so the more heads working on it the better. Prizes include pitchers of beer or other bar drinks, depending on the bartender’s discretion, and T-shirt prizes. ##M;[read more]##

’It’s hard to come up with 10 movies or people’s names so fast,’ said trivia contender Jonathen Ryde. ’Especially when you hear all the answer possibilities and realize how many easy answers you missed. For the naming of 10 WWE wrestlers I completely forgot Stone Cold Steve Austin!’

Buffalo Wild Wings: Located at 207 B Mall Circle Dr, B-dubs does their trivia nights on Wednesdays from 7-10 p.m. Trivia night is hosted by Edward Friz with his wife, Jennifer, as the scorekeeper. The duo has been doing the trivia nights for four years. Questions throughout the night range from history to music, geography to sports, weather to movies and business to literature. Each round is set up differently to keep up the pace for the night. Prizes include gift cards to the top three winning teams of the night.

Coaches Bar and Grill: Located at 127 SE Broad St, Coaches hosts live trivia with Bobby Howard and son Rusty on Tuesday nights from 7’8:30 p.m. Howard is an associate of Friz, who does the trivia for BWW. There is also the special of $2.50 seasonal pints going on all day on Tuesdays as well.

Coconut Bay Caf’: Located at 210 Stones River Mall Blvd., Coconut Bay has live trivia with Willy Funk on Tuesday nights from 7’9 p.m. DJ on the Deck spins at the bay from 8’12 the same night, making Tuesdays a trivia dance party all night.

Dugger’s Food & Fun: Located at 1738 W. Northfield Blvd. in the Kroger shopping area, this bar is one of the newest in starting trivia nights. Dugger’s trivia is hosted by Jamie Storvik on Tuesday nights from 7:30’9 p.m. Prizes include gift cards ranging in amounts from $10’$20.

Mellow Mushroom: Located at 2955 S. Rutherford Blvd., the ’Shroom hosts trivia on Mondays and Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. Winners receive a pitcher of beer for each round won or for the first three rounds. A $50 gift card is presented to the overall winning team. Teams can win up to $80 in house prizes as well. Players can also take part in the $4 Jagerbomb drink special on trivia nights.

’I like going to Mellow on trivia nights. It gives me something to do while I eat, the questions make me laugh sometimes and there’s always a chance of winning some good beer,’ said 22-year-old MTSU student Jacquelyn Smith.

Tomato Tomato: Located at 223 W. Main St, the gourmet pizza restaurant does trivia by computer rather than by a live host. Players can come any night and answer the questions given on TV screens. Winners on Tuesday nights get a free pizza.

The summer nights are long and everyone is always looking for something exciting to do. Why not get your crew together at one of the awesome restaurants doing trivia this week and try something new?

Trivia Etiquette

When you play trivia, be sure to follow some of the trivia etiquette that generally all places abide by.

1. NO CHEATING. Keep your iPhone in your pocket, don’t call your friends for answers and don’t ask the employees either. No one likes a cheater.

2. Don’t yell out the answers. Your teammates will probably disown you and you might help the team next to you win your rightful pitcher of beer.

3. Be a good sport and have fun! It’s always fun to see what random knowledge you and your friends all possess together.


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