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I’m really liking the veggies this year. They’re very colorful. There’s something appealing about having a rainbow of green, orange, yellow, red and white on your plate without a drop of artificial flavors or chemicals in there.

Hey, sometimes I like a good greasy gyro too though. Gyro Tabouli, featured in this edition, does have a good lunch. Smother everything in the cucumber sauce, fantastic.

Junior’s started his talking. He’s not speaking too clearly, but we’ve had some nice conversations. Mainly grunting and ohhs and ahhs on his end, but he looks good doing it.

His baby CDs are awesome. We can listen to Radiohead, Mozart or Willie Nelson’s music performed in a soothing lullaby style on vibraphones, xylophones, strings and such. They also make Tool and Metallica ones?wonder how soothing they are?

I’ve also been liking the iced coffee this year too. After getting up with a few hours of sleep less than I would have liked, I need a little pick me up sometimes, but it’s too hot for the standard stuff. So just brew it as usual, fill a glass about two-thirds full, mix in the sugar, top it with some milk, let it cool down for a while and add some ice to it. If you’re needing something even more sweet, add some whipped cream, chocolate or cinnamon.

I hear Faith no More is touring Europe and expected to make a U.S. run this fall. Alice in Chains is also back in action and will appear in September in Nashville at BuzzFest on the river. Those are two of the top bands from the ’90s I never had the opportunity to see live, but always wanted to. If only a White Zombie reunion.

So, against the death penalty, but don’t want killers and rapists walking free without consequence and feel they deserve some unique punishment that actually benefits society? Use prisoners convicted of serious offenses for scientific experiments. Inject them with diseases, then let’s try and find a cure. If a cure is found, great, let them have another disease.

Shoot them into space?a serial killer may be the first to explore the surface of Uranus, but must endure the eight-year trip in the solitary confinement of a tin can ripping through space. Hey, while you’re there, take a deep breath and see if the atmospheric gases are breathable.

Come up to Greenbrier on Aug. 21 – 22 for the Sweet Freedom Bash. We got some Sediment, Angel’s Diversion, Vortices, Down South Junction, Milquelizard and plenty of others for ya.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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