The Blue Crew

It is time again my people, you sexy, smart, beautiful people of the Middle Tennessee area. For all of you who are new to the area, MTSU students, new families, all you sexy cougars, it is my pleasure to give you sports knowledge in a sarcastic, sexy, yet undefined way!

I always talk about there being nothing better in a person’s character than being a true sports fan. A true dedicated, die-hard, no nonsense on game day kind of fan. It’s been a good while now that I have wanted to release this story, and what a better time than now in the midst of football season to tell the greatness of the Blue Crew.


The Godfather

Many of these fans are people whom I look up to: a group of successful men, most of them are decent law abiding citizens who have great impacts on the community. These guys and their gals love a little beer, they love the city of Murfreesboro and the great state of Tennessee. On Saturday this crew doesn’t sing to the tune of “Rocky Top,” though. They don’t wear that flashy, stylish orange that I sport on Saturday. This group has its traditions and sings to the tune of Blue Raider nation while sporting its blue. These old school Alumni represent the greater half of a great organization; they are the true dedicated fans of the MTSU Raiders.

The Blue Crew, the Godfather and whatever other nicknames they have are at every home game, every away game and are part of an equation that will add up to success for this football team. When you support a team with heart and keep on, others will join and maybe one day there will be a Conference title, a big bowl game, maybe a national title. Fans with that much dedication will speak of the good and the bad, they will tell you how it is, and things are good baby. As of press time, the Raiders are 3-1 with a couple big wins against Memphis and at Maryland. This is why I tip my hat to the Blue Crew for being true fans of their team, and I can’t wait ’til the day the team puts Murfreesboro on the ESPN map of football success.

So my mighty Titans are 0-3, damn, damn, damn.

It sucks you can’t just run the ball on everyone. Yes Chris Johnson just added a pair of sneakers to the Hall of Fame for his phenomenal performance against the Texans. But the receivers have got to catch the ball; Nate Washington and Britt against the Jets, come on man! If it hits you in the hands, come down with it.

I don’t want to hear any Collins bashing from you Young lovers; Collins is throwing sexy, perfect spiral lasers in all three games. Unfortunately, with all the drops you get 0-3 and Collins having to answer for mistakes that he makes, when if the other factors like defense, punt returners and receivers did their job, you would have a 2-1 or a 3-0 team with a veteran quarterback.

Oh well, I will still be there every home game, every Sunday, with my jersey, my hope for a turnaround and my love for my team. That is what true sports fans are about and what makes them great.

At least the Steelers are 1-2; that’s about all that is keeping me happy. If my team has to struggle, at least the team I hate the most also is struggling.

Well the Train is lighting up points in Fantasy and is projected second out of 12. Watch out all you punks in my league; the Train$Daddy$Mafia is out on a war path.

Well the Train is out. Loaded nachos, green grass, the smell of pigskin and a fresh football season seems so right. I love it and can’t get enough, god bless football, and god bless all of Train Daddy’s Fans. Remember, if you see a hater, stomp ’em in the head! Choo, Choo!


About the Author

The Z-Train is a Murfreesboro resident and enjoys all sports, but bleeds code blue for his beloved Titans, who will one sweet day bring home that beautiful Lombardi Trophy to Tennessee. Always remember the Train's big F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and FOOTBALL!

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