A “February Blue” Debut

Many gathered at The Rutledge in Nashville on Oct 2 for the long-awaited CD release of Ben Sturgell’s February Blue. Events over the past few years in Sturgell’s life have built the momentum to make the CD a completed success. The spirit in the air was full of joy, efficiency, well-thought planning and excitement.
The showcase kicked off with long-time friend Derek Stroker whose ‘make-your-feet-wanna-move’ songs have been featured on “The Real World” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Stroker also helped with the making of Sturgell’s CD.
Following the first set was close friend Leon Timbo and his crew, complete with multiple extraordinary vocalists and musicians—one of which has worked extensively with India.Arie. Timbo always draws an audience and an awe that is unmatched, this time singing about “not being perfect, just forgiven” and his brotherly love for “Benji” Sturgell.

Ben Sturgell

Ben Sturgell

Sturgell saved “February Blue” for last, of course, and leading up to it were incredible renditions of “Crazy” and “Drive” along with Sturgell solo on stage for some of the songs.
David Wilson, co-producer of the CD, also played keys and clarinet at the show. The violin and cello pieces added a special touch to the performance, and finishing in the informal way that he does, the audience was able to catch a glimpse of Sturgell’s soul and spirit—the internal framework that creates his true passion.

There was laughter through tears since the making of the February Blue CD has had its obstacles, but where there are obstacles there are also great rewards. Seeing Sturgell celebrate the fruits of his creative mind was truly magnificent. And this is only the beginning.
For more information on Sturgell, e-mail booking@bensturgell.com and don’t forget to pick up your own copy of February Blue at any Best Buy.


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