Nashville DJs Bring the Dance Party to the ‘Boro

Jeremy Todd and Jim O’Shea

Nashville’s own “DJ Coach” has finally brought the renowned Saturday-night dance party to the ‘Boro. For the last 11 months, kids have been pouring into venues around Nashville to hear the sounds of local DJs and dance the night away. The most notable of these events are the Saturday night theme parties held every week at 12th and Porter.

For the longest time, these events were held under the name “Coach Vs. Kase,” referring to the battling DJ sets between DJ Coach (Jeremy Todd) and DJ Kase (Justin Kase). Throughout the year, these events have blown up in Nashville and become a staple event for partiers of Middle Tennessee and abroad.

Nashville is only a mere 30-minute drive from our humble home of Murfreesboro, leading to carloads of Murfreesboro kids making their way out to the party week after week. Then suddenly a light bulb went off in the party-driven mind of Todd—let’s expand this event beyond Nashville. SWAG was born.

Local venue 527 Main St. agreed to host the monthly dance party extravaganza, put on by Todd and Jim O’Shea. The Facebook event was created; fliers were hung and word starting spreading. Finally, the big Friday came and the event flopped. Hoping to see the dance phenomenon that everyone had become accustomed to in Nashville, SWAG needed more promotion. There were only about 85 kids hanging out throughout the entire evening. While some stayed and hung out, primarily to support an event that could have potential, many didn’t stick around to see what the night could turn into.

This was not due to a lack of setup by the SWAG team. The place looked amazing. The entire wall to the left of the dance floor was covered in huge video screens that had intricate psycho-trip visuals projected onto them. The DJ set was center stage and blaring out the techno remix style of music that has become so popular in the last couple of years.

Across from the bar and before the dance floor, Generation Domination had set up its infamous photo booth. Here attendees are invited to pose in front of themed backgrounds with a plethora of different props. Once the pictures are taken, they scroll across a monitor behind the photo booth for everyone to see. The following week the photos are posted onto the Generation Domination website where people can transfer them to their Facebook page or other preferred social media applications.

Regardless of the small turnout for the first event, Todd returned the following month to try SWAG out again. Excited about not having to drive to Nashville, all of the faithful DJ followers had spent the month spreading word like wildfire about this event.

SWAG 2 doubled the first event’s attendance. The dance floor started filling up as more and more people made their way into the trance of the sounds of Coach and guest DJs such as Hands off Sam, DJ Kase and Jensen Sportag. Each of these DJs cross-sample original material with a selection of music from across the board. This accompanied by the strobing lights and hazing fog create an undeniable dance floor.

Todd, a.k.a. DJ Coach, photo by Dylan Reyes

Within the next two months, SWAG blew up; the most recent event hosted over 400 attendees. On a cold night in mid January, lines extended outside the door to even get into the place. Murfreesboro Facebook profile pics have been flooded with the Generation Domination shots. This event has nowhere to go but up.

Jeremy told us, “I’m very excited about the possibility of having an electro/party scene in Murfreesboro. I think the people are just excited about having something new and different. Plus it is just a rad party.”

Murfreesboro, get your dancing shoes on and get down to 527 for SWAG 5 on Feb. 5 featuring DJ Coach, the Generation Domination photo booth and special guest Potamus.

For further information visit: generationdomination.com or search SWAG on Facebook


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    This will be really cool epic party i think so because i never been to DJ Parties but my friends says DJ parties always rocks..

  • Chaz H. Ollie

    Just got a listen of Coach’s new mix Takeout Vol 2. That alone is enough to bring me and the brokus out to SWAG tonight.

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