Has Uncle Phil Taken Leave of Common Sense?

How strange and at times odious, the antagonism that is loosed toward our Muslim friends and neighbors as of late by talk show hosts and columnists. Recent statements by Phil Valentine typify the apparent ignorance of Biblical and Quranic sources that are often pontificated by Mr. Valentine and other radio personalities.

Most notable of his and other 99.7 FM programs is the incessant surmising of Muslim terrorism. A quote in The Murfreesboro Pulse, “Muslims are far more likely to be terrorists than anyone else,” to be specific, demonstrates gross ignorance of Islam and smacks of an agenda all in the name of combating “political correctness.”

There seems to be an abundance of half-truths and suspicious theories to pass for objective journalism these days. While Mr. Valentine does an excellent job discussing the woes of “Big Government” and other important constitutional matters, his conclusions of Islam and the Bible are not founded upon the facts of either source documents. Therefore, most of his conclusions appear incorrect and devoid of common sense.

From the Biblical standpoint, Mr. Valentine seems to rely heavily upon the Baptist and Evangelical dogmas of Premillennial Dispensational thought to shape his world view. This theory has Christ returning to earth (Jerusalem) for a thousand-year reign (Rev. 20:1-6) with a reinstituted Jewish Nation (David’s Throne) which lends credibility to the practice of Zionism. Even though there are several Biblical reasons (prophecy, lineage of Christ, etc.) why these theories are false, the doctrine of Premillennialism explains the apparent misguided hysteria and hatred loosed toward Islam. Muslims are viewed as a threat to this unbiblical arrangement and deemed “terrorist” by nature. And looking through this prism, Islam can and will always be viewed as a source of terrorism.

From a Quranic view, there are no commands direct or implied to take innocent life, period. This includes the tactic of terrorism. A Muslim cannot support terrorist activities, directly or indirectly. The majority of talking points used by Mr. Valentine are founded upon ignorance and misapplications of Quranic and Biblical texts.

Could it be that Mr. Valentine and others take leave of common sense when they make false accusations based upon false premises?

Ken Friel
Church of Christ Evangelist


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  • Phil Valentine

    I base my observations on no particular dogma. I base my observations on common sense. My God, are you blind, man? Radical Muslims have been waging jihad against us since before 9/11. Are Muslims more likely to be terrorists? Absolutely and without a doubt. Many, but not all, Muslims are taught from a very early age to hate us. Seeing as how you’re not Muslim I would suggest you read Wafa Sultan’s book, A God Who Hates. She was raised to hate us until she came here and grew to love us.

    You seem too hung up on Biblical doctrine and are ignoring the truth that’s right in front of your face. Who was behind the bombing of the USS Cole? Who tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993? Who DID bring it down in 2001. Who killed 225 in the embassy bombings in 1998? Who beheaded Daniel Pearl? Must I go on?

    Talk about common sense. Not all Muslims are terrorists but these days most terrorists are Muslims.


  • Ken Friel

    Thank you for your response. Did not know of the publishing until today. If you think my comments to be wrong, may I suggest we have public or written dialogue? My interest stems from the poor treatment of the Muslims in Murfreesboro as of late and the propaganda FM 97.1 seems to promote these past several years. If you chose to do so, there will be great interest in this subject matter and an opportunity for objective discussion.
    Thank You
    Ken Friel

  • Gadaye

    You have not been blessed with spiritual enlightenment which explain your lack of perennial understanding. You try in vain to connect with the ancestors however the spiritual umbilical cord has been severed long time ago. This is the story of many afrocentrist who are merely trying to cash up on the diaspora demise. From an African born and raised on the continent.

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