Tennessee, The Volunteer State

For The Victims And Survivors
May of 2010

There are things we all love about the state in which we reside
Special things in which we take pride

What is it for you? The people? The weather? The sports or your job or the arts or the spirit?
All of this found in our lyrics

As for me, I love The Volunteer State because: when the floods came a’falling
We all heard our calling

And in packs and in droves we came to help and to aid
Without the first expectation of ever being repaid

As we give of our funds and our sweat and our time and our love
On a mission, so to speak, like the Ark and the dove

We are a mix of children and teens and adults of varying ages
Whose stories are bursting to get off the pages

We share our wealth and our wisdom and our clothes and our food
A kaleidoscope of faces and talents and moods

Giving as much as we can of this and of that with honorable intentions
(giving is, afterall, God’s greatest invention)

No, we won’t let the rain steal our joy nor will we let the rain beat us down
Oh, yes, maybe a frown,

As we pray hard over the blueprints of our lives
And for the families and loved ones of those who didn’t survive

So Lord, what do we do next and when and how and where do we start?
Each of us need and want to do our own part

Because here in The Volunteer State it is one for all and all for one
Where everyone pitches in to get the job done

So, on that, I rest my case, but may I say in my closing remarks
That in The Volunteer State water is just water when our love lights a spark


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