Time to Start Summer Fishing!

Bob and Brad Wiltz caught around 40 bass on Percy Priest Lake on May 23.

June is here and as I look back over the last four weeks, the only word that comes to mind is “wow”! I thought last year when Percy Priest Lake flooded 9 feet, I was witnessing something unique, but May’s flood blew that out of the water. I had to take two weeks off from all trips and wait until the water lowered to a safe level to fish. It wasn’t until May 13 before I got back out on the water in search for bass. Now we are into June, the water is lower and we can start getting back to normal fishing. This is the month bass move into deeper water and you will need to make a few adjustments to continue catching fish.

If bass is what you are after, then this is the month that you need to start moving off the bank. Most of the larger fish will be out from shallow water and located on deeper points, ledges and humps. Even though you can continue to catch some fish in shallow water near the bank, most of these fish will be smaller. Using you electronics and studying your map is mandatory to help you find these structures. Once you have located some areas, your next step is to get out on the water and see if your structure is holding any fish. Whether it is a hump, ledge or point, you want to position yourself well off the structure and make long cast to it.

Two of my favorite techniques for catching bass in June are deep diving crankbaits and a Carolina rig with a French-fry. For my crankbait choice, I like to use a Strike King Series 5 in sexy shad color. This bait has brought me more success than any other in the past two years. I also like a C-rig, with a 1/2 oz. egg weight, 24” leader with a 4-inch French-fry. The French-fry seems to entice bigger post spawn females because it is small, simple and offers subtle movement.

If you fish an area for over 30 minutes and receive no bites, then try another area.

If you are like me, you have a lot of fishing to make up after May’s flood. Now that fishing is back on track and the fish are into their normal patterns, it is time to get back out there are start catching fish. If your try these few techniques, I am confident that you will find success on the water. Remember, the most important element to offshore fishing is doing your homework, finding humps, points and ledges on your map and electronics. I wish you the best of luck!


About the Author

Brian Carper is a local fishing guide working Percy Priest and Old Hickory lakes. For any questions on fishing, contact him at (615) 278-6311 or brian@briancarper.com.

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