Keep Islam out of the U.S.

To the Editor:
Wow, what a racist, spiteful tirade by Mr. Jason Johnson. His column title is a bit misleading. Not only did I “Gag,” but I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Jason has put his ignorance on display for all of us to marvel at and for devout Muslims to laugh at. Jason’s head is firmly planted in the sand, which will make it only that much easier for his head to be cut off by those devout Muslims who wish to do so. Are all Muslims inclined towards terrorism? Of course not . . . some Christians don’t follow the Words of their God either.

Jason’s true ignorance is showing when he tries to acquaint World Outreach Church’s expansion to the mosque approval. Perhaps Jason needs to ask Pastor Jackson just how many OPEN, public hearings were conducted to gain approval from the many government agencies in the area? Oh, but maybe it’s just too easy for Jason to spout off on a subject wherein he is simply clueless.

Why were there not “people marching in the streets” to protest the recent expansion of World Outreach Church? Well, let’s see, when was the last time that Born Again Christians were found loading their females up with explosives and sending them out to kill people? Hint: Never.

Jason (opining on Lou Ann’s rationale) says, “if the Islamic center is designed to fracture our moral foundation, then the people of that religion are immoral.” In case you haven’t noticed, Islam does not have the same “moral foundation” as Christianity. Jesus said to “Love your neighbor as thyself.” There is no comparable message for the followers of Islam. There are, however, plenty of passages that tell followers of Islam to take over the infidels (that would be anyone that does not swear allegiance to Allah) and subdue them.

Christianity does not condone the killing of family members to preserve a family’s “honor.” Yes, I love my neighbor as myself, but “myself” does not fly airplanes into buildings for the purpose of killing innocent people. As Jason admonished Lou Ann, there are many books that tell the truth about the Muslim agenda, but it’s obvious that he hasn’t, or can’t, read them. Pot, kettle—black?

And “xenophobic”? I reject that. I suspect that many of us who do not desire to see a HUGE House of Islam built in our county have absolutely no “fear” of foreigners. What we DO have is the ability to see a possible threat to our country and our way of life that people like Jason apparently refuse to see. Don’t worry Jason, those of us who are prepared will protect you . . . maybe.

I had ended my rebuttal at this point; however, I let a good friend of mine—who just happens to be an Ex-Islamic Imam—read it and his only comment was that it seemed a bit harsh and that I would not change anyone’s mind with it. Actually, I wasn’t trying to. People like Jason are like horses that you can take to water, but you can’t make them drink.

My friend told me to just ask everyone who is in doubt about the long-term purposes of devout Muslims to simply take a rational look at what Europe is dealing with and, believe it or not, here in the USA in Dearborn, Mich. This is not fantasy, it is current reality. Islam’s long term goal is to have the whole world under the banner of Islam. If you doubt that, you need to study-up, because you are one of those who will help in our downfall.

Tom Murrah

To the Editor:
(In reply to last edition’s “Gagflex”) Jason should think about some common sense before he starts writing and consult a dictionary.

Yes, Jason, the Christians did come to America to find religious freedom. That being said, why would Christians want to find a place for a religion that vows to wipe out all other religions?

I will be for a mosque in the U.S. when even one single Islamic nation begins to allow non-Islamic, even Christian, churches to be built and operate in their own territory.

And xenophobic’s meaning is connected to stoicism. If the Christians are being vocal and demonstration, how are they being stoic?

Ed Given

To the Editor:
It comes as no surprise that a recent poll finds that some 18 percent of Americans now believe that the President is a Muslim.

And it is no surprise to those of us who from day one believed he was of Islam.

When the White House spokesman was quizzed on of what faith he was, it was stated in so many words, that: “He is of the Christian faith, but prays in private, going to no church . . .”

It’s somewhat strange that a president of the United States refuses to announce the church he attends, when he should be the leader in showing the American people the path to follow in obeying God, the creator of all, including this vast, unlimited universe.

Therefore, if indeed he is a Muslim, these prayers that he speaks of, are they to this foreign god which calls for the beheading of “infidels”?

What a travesty, that we, the American people, elected this man to the highest office in the land, only to find that he is nothing more than an imposter, and one dedicated to the destruction of America!

This I believe with all of my heart, that Barack Obama was placed in this office by the Muslims themselves (and satan the devil), so that they could—from the inside—destroy America, bringing it to its knees in a war that could not have been won through conventional warfare.

Yet, we who know something about the Bible, also know that the God of this majestic universe also “sets up kings and takes down kings,” and we are admonished to support our leaders. But, in this case, it could also mean that God allowed this man to be put in this high office at this period in time, to shake America up from its deep sleep! Maybe, just maybe, God is giving puny man one more chance to repent and reject the ways of this world, embracing His law and His Ten Great Commandments which without question tell us how to live a righteous life.

And maybe, just maybe, the coming fall elections will show the direction this nation will now take in embracing a more Christian role of conduct, and throwing of the shackles of liberalism.

Now is the time to be true, patriotic, God-fearing Americans, with a desire for freedom—but God’s way. In truth, it can be no other way!

I truly believe that God is giving us one more chance to obey Him and His laws as never before! The key to the future is in our answer And our prayers.

Everett Corbin


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  • fishingformen

    Islam may in fact be used as a tool, by God to thresh out the true believers that will choose Yeshua and God , over the false prophet and his religion. of evil. These things are for told, that must come upon man for his refusing the will of God on earth, and rejecting His Son Yeshua.. Ottomans, Egyptians, Arabs..Even the Israelis are not the complete focus of Gods will. But the point here is the “promise of God”. That is the “Promise” that He will show the world who He , through the keeping of His promise to the nation of Israel. That promise will be kept regardless of what armies come against His Land. He has set this land as His Own, and he has placed upon it His name and his chosen.. Israel will be called his people and He will be there God.. He is not the God of Islam,

    So… as we watch Sharia Law and Islam, seep like a flood, into the land and, watch Islam take its hold on America, Remember what you read here.
    This religion is the wrath of God upon man for his apostasy. Yet, Islam is not of God, but of satin. God will allow Islam to come upon the people of the earth, Just like he let Satin test Job. But do not be confused God the Father did not invent this evil religion. It truly is the religion of the Devil, It has been prophesied to come that, which will come upon the earth and cause all great and small to receive a mark in there forehead, or their hand. At some point Islam, wil be able to force its mark upon you, With out this mark you will not be allowed, to buy or sell ; and some will be put to death. Islam will also have the return consequences of what Islam brings to man, wrath returned upon its self. All those who follow Islam and do not repent. Will be thrown into the fire of Gods wrath. for the loved the lie, and not the truth.

    It is Just like Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar. Conquered Judah and Jerusalem and then later . his own empire was taken from his wicked son and given to Cyrus of the meads and Persians., an even more evil empire. We are now down to the last empires, and the Islamic empire will be replaced with Gods own empire and the seed of David will sit upon the thrown. Just take look at history and see where things are headed. Don’’t be fooled by Islam, its not the way to God. And By no other way will man be save, but by Yeshua. For the Word tells us that If a law could save us then God woul have sent it, But what the Law was unable to preform in us , it was unable because of us…
    ,At first God used the Nebuchadnezzar and the Chadians to be the oppressors of the Jews, and then after the Jews captivity was complete and so the punishment for their abominations, God returned that wrath that was upon the jews to the Babylon, And Babylon was wiped out, and taken by the Meads. . All this really happened just like it was prophesied to happen By Daniel.
    That same thing will happen to Islam. But not until they have been used to accomplish Gods will. Unfortunately this time the trouble will be like none other upon the face of the earth prior to this time. Even the evil NAZIS will pale in comparisons to what the Islamist are prophesied to do. Islam will seek out all those who practice sinful lives. It kinda like using the Evil Bully to punish the evil snotty kid, and teach the evil snotty kid a lesson. But once the lesson is learned and the evil snotty kid has changed his tune, then the Evil bully must be stopped… In this case the Evil Bully is evil Islam. And the Evil snotty kid are us, the worldly people. One Evil will be use to thresh out the other evil. From this Some will be saved, some will repent, but most will not. It is a very sobering reality when you finally understand these things.
    The book of DANIEL says these thing swill be understood in the last days. I can tell you that since we understand them , these are the last days.
    God Is not the God of the dead but of the living. He is not the God of those who reject His Son. Those who believe in the Son Yeshua are the living. That by believing in Yeshua and doing his will, they receive ever lasting life. What does Islam have to do with the peace of Christ? Islam does not believe in the Son Yeshua.
    To under stand who Islam is and where they come from read on..They are the Bond women’’s children .from a disobedient act of Abraham. He and Sarah were not acting in faith, so they decided to take thing into there own hands, and Sahra lent Abraham her ““Bond Woman””. Or her servant.. (Islamic traditions consider Ishmael as the ancestor of Arab people, born of Abraham) But according to the Gospel , Ishmael was a type of an allegory, an allegory to point out the sin and the power of sin through the Law. Sin., In so much as Ishmael was born out of disobedience to Gods promise and will..
    Now however, Isaac was the fulfillment of that promise. He is the proof of the faith of Abraham. And the Proof that God had promised Abraham a son, with Sahra. Not Hagar _ Regardless of Abrahams actions the promise would stand, as a glorification of God not Abraham. . As a result of the promise being kept Abrahams Faith was solidified, in God. But the Bond women’’s child is proof of disobedience, and unbelief.
    Unbelief is sin, and sin causes death. So, God is not the God of the dead . disobedience, or unbelief. He is the God of the Living, and all are dead unless sanctified in Christ. All have sinned and fall short. So only the atonement of Christ and the keeping of the commandments will yield salvation. That is what the Word of God says. Faith in Islam will not, yield any thing but death. It is the same mistake Abraham made. With Hagar. …Do not become like Ishmael. Under the law of sin and death.
    However, just like all the walking sinful dead on earth the Islamist, can be adopted into the family of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. To whom the promise was made. , But only by the confession of Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ and the atonement of Yeshua. Jesus the savior.
    For if a Prophet alone could have bought the salvation of man forth, why would God send His Son to die for us. If a Law could bring true righteousness, then why would we need a Savior. Certainly we would not have needed another prophet after the fact. of Yeshua’s ascension to Heaven. Even Mohammad is now in the dust of the earth and will only rise to the judgment. Mohammad is most certainly a false prophet. . Those who deny the ““The Son of God”” will not enter the ““Straight Gate””.Strive to enter in at the strait gate:, also the east Gate, of the SABBATH opened only on the SABBATH .where the Priest of God will stand. For he is ““Lord of the SABBATH.”” The Lord of the rest eternally.
    But Islam is the Sword , or wrath which comes upon man to punish him for his apostasy, and his evil fornications. Islam is that sword of death. that come upon the Great harlot mentioned in the Book of Revalation , But like BABYLON when Islam is come to its full measure, Then Islam will also be destroyed.. God is but one God, and there is but one savior, ““Christ the Son of God ““ the prince of peace….I ask you, What does Islam have to do with peace? What does hate have to do with Love.
    Then Do on to other what you would have done unto yourself. and Love God with all you heart and all your mind and all your soul and all your actions.

  • Rafaniello

    Such a nice view. He should receive credit for it. Thanks

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