May God be with Our New Public Servants

On the morning after the elections (written Aug. 6, 2010), it’s clear that several long-term, well-experienced public servants are out of a job. We thank them for their years of dedication and faithful presence in their offices and in our midst; they will be missed. We’re praying for a peaceful, promising time of transition as each of these leave their post and their newly elected replacements assume their responsibilities.

One wonders how the County’s new officials will fare given lack of experience at the job(s) they are taking on and the no doubt myriad unforeseen circumstances that will very likely demand far more than their best intentions. The “political landscape” that many here have known—and relied upon—for (in some cases) decades has all changed over the course of one day!

And yet we must remain confident that even as these transitions begin, God knows what He is doing.

Even as we respectfully say goodbye to trusted friends and neighbors who have served us well, we must also be ready to offer our best support, patience and encouragement to those who have run the race and emerged ahead of their competitors.

We encourage each one to assume new duties with grace and open-mindedness and with no other agenda than to discover ways in which we may all better work together to create a stronger community that is responsive to the needs of others—and in so doing, to best build upon foundations that our previous leaders have worked tirelessly to provide.

Thomas C. Christy


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