Barefoot Renegades

Barefoot Renegades

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If you took Johnny Cash and Keith Whitley and mixed them with a little bit of Southern rock influence like Lynyrd Skynyrd and added some Bad Company, what would you get? The answer: the Barefoot Renegades, who combined all of these sounds and then some, to put together an album nothing short of mind-blowing.

Released in August, the self-titled debut album could easily be mistaken for an album released by a band with several albums under its belt. With only nine songs on the album, the Renegades managed to do what most bands accomplish in 20. Housing a combination of polished melodies and lyrics that suggest veterans of the music business, Barefoot Renegades put together an album that shows their intent to make a name for themselves outside of Murfreesboro.

The Renegades’ lineup is a little different than most bands, with Jason Kurkimilus and Scotty Austin both on lead guitar. Add to that Travis Sheffield’s unrelenting bass lines, the steady beat of Nathan Veenstras drums and the dominating vocal range exhibited by Wes Cook, this album is destined to be a success.

With ballads like “She’s Already Gone” and “Singing With Angels,” it is easy to hear traces of Keith Whitley in the lyrics and melodies. The Renegades use simple instruments to compliment the heart-rending lyrics in both of the songs. The album is also stacked with songs like “Raise A Little Hell,” “Country Song” and “Moonshinin’ Ways,” that Johnny Cash himself couldn’t have put together better. With songs like these, the Renegades show their Southern rock influences and perfectly mesh them with their country roots. Whether it’s country music or classic rock you enjoy, this album is packed full of songs sure to make listeners of both genres sing along shamelessly.


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  • Denice Fort

    Way to go Jason, and band. I’m excited for you all. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  • Nancy Acred

    Jason, Wes, Scotty, Travis, Nathan – WAY TO GO GUYS! This is a big deal! To be compared in a good way to country and rock legends like Johnny, Keith, Lynyrd, and Bad Company – could it have been any better? Don’t think so! I see big things in your futures!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you!

  • Philip Cook

    Wesley, Jason, Travis, Nathan, Scotty: the hard work is paying off and this review affirms your legitimacy. Keep it up, keep focused, and support each other and the future looks bright. Wes, I love you and am happy to see you living your dream! (Dad)

  • Monica Dockery

    Wes, I am so thrilled for you and your band! I’m going to go to ITunes right now and see if it’s available yet. Congratulations!

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