Black Catfish

Fish Grease

4 pulses

With Fish Grease, old and new fans of Black Catfish can expect an album full of head-nodding, foot-tapping beats and lyrics influenced by artists like Outkast and Lil’ Wayne.

The album is packed with songs like “Goodgirl” and “Hands In Tha Air” that have fresh, original lyrics that easily get stuck in your head. There are skits, much to the style of those found on Eminem’s albums, that are placed throughout the album. Unlike the skits on Eminem’s album, the skits on this album take away from the strong set of songs that are included.

With songs like “Collar” and “Ridin Bye,” it is easy to hear the influences of early Outkast and how those influences were included in lyrics and sound. Most of the songs on the album are not the typical “money, cars, fame” kind of songs found on rap albums. “Motto,” with its Lil Wayne-esque lyrics and catchy hook, is the most stereotypical rap song on the album. Songs like “Rumpumpum” clearly represent the early 1990s’ Death Row Records sound as well.

Fish Grease is an album full of catchy hooks, original lyrics and the perfect beats to compliment the two. Black Catfish takes a barrage of influeneces and sounds and successfully manages to make them into its own sound. It is evident from this album that Black Catfish plans to be to Nashville what Three Six Mafia is to Memphis.


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