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Medically Criminal
I have a potentially serious problem at hand. My domestic partner and I recently relocated on a temporary basis from California. In the state of California, my boyfriend has been a medical marijuana patient for nearly two years.

Though Tennessee laws differ from those of California, he has continued to follow the medical advice of his physician to protect his health by way of what we deem “medically necessary” use of medical grade marijuana. Though he was cultivating and possessing a minimal amount of marijuana for personal and medical use only, he is pending two felony charges.

He has previously been diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), which is a condition in which stomach contents leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus. Due to the severity of his condition, he has also experienced pain and discomfort associated with a hiatal hernia, which is where the stomach protrudes upward into the chest through the diaphragm. His symptoms are far from mild and interfere with the ability to perform simple daily functions as well as maintain a healthy diet when left untreated. His symptoms are advanced and cause nearly immediate regurgitation of food and beverage once consumed. The pain associated with this also causes shaking, sweating, fever, nausea for extended periods of time, loss of appetite and shortness of breath.

Additionally, he has had multiple maxillofacial surgeries over the past few years, which were rather invasive, to remove a recurring cyst in his right nasal cavity. This recurring cyst is incurable and the only options available are to treat symptoms and ultimately remove it once the opening in the nasal cavity is restricted due to the space inhabited by the cyst. The cyst causes intermittent pain as a result of the surrounding tissue becoming inflamed and irritated. This results in severe sinus pressure, headaches, pain in the eye socket and drainage of fluid.

Before exploring medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option, he has unsuccessfully and repeatedly attempted to treat these conditions with standard prescribed medications. He has been prescribed a wide variety of medications for the stomach complications which seem to worsen the symptoms rather than alleviate them. He is also unable to take pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat symptoms associated with the cyst as they induce vomiting shortly after ingestion due the severity of his GERD. His weight and health conditions fluctuate drastically, and the pain has also interfered with his attendance at work on numerous occasions.

Since becoming a medical marijuana patient, he has been able to reduce the frequency in which he suffers from GERD symptoms and it enables him to maintain a healthy diet. When using medical marijuana, the stomach irritation is nearly non-existent and it eliminates the need for multiple, ineffective, chemically manufactured pharmaceutical drugs that in turn pose a risk for additional side effects and complications.

It also minimizes pain and swelling in the nasal cavity resulting from the cyst, without further irritating his stomach condition. Medicating with marijuana has improved his quality of life and has allowed him to function as a normal, seemingly healthy individual.

We are flabbergasted, to say the least, that he is facing criminal charges in one state for something that is medically recommended in another. He has obeyed the law to the best of his ability without putting his health at risk. He has no intention of illegally distributing marijuana that is cultivated in our residence, nor has he persuaded any other member of society to use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. The cultivation and possession was not intended for use or distribution to anyone other than himself for medicinal purposes only.

I am trying to have this story heard in hopes of raising awareness and helping Tennessee and other states consider allowing physicians to recommend the use of marijuana for treatment of debilitating illnesses. These respectable, working members of the community should not be incarcerated or prosecuted for preserving and controlling their own bodies.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Erin Hudson

Controversial Language
(In response to the La Palabra series of pieces) I am glad to see this article in the local Pulse. I applaud your efforts for bringing Spanish to our community.

I teach Spanish at MTSU and always encourage the students to seek out opportunities like this to discover how valuable learning language is.

Andrew DeMil, PhD
Professor of Spanish Linguistics MTSU

Have you gone insane? I cannot believe your paper published in article in Spanish. Please, if you feel you must reach a Latin market, publish a Latin version of your paper.

I’ll probably still keep picking up The Pulse. It’s a good source for events and articles about Murfreesboro’s places and people. However, if I see begin to see too much of the Spanish language, it may start to appear like a multi-language product manual and drive me flippn’ nutz!

Gina LaBrusciano

Repent, Followers of False Prophets
Islam may in fact be used as a tool, by God to thresh out the true believers that will choose Yeshua and God over the false prophet and his religion of evil. These things are foretold, that must come upon man for his refusing the will of God on earth, and rejecting His Son, Yeshua. Ottomans, Egyptians, Arabs, even the Israelis are not the complete focus of God’s will. But the point here is the “promise of God.” That is the “Promise” that He will show the world who He, through the keeping of His promise to the nation of Israel. That promise will be kept regardless of what armies come against His Land. He has set this land as His Own, and he has placed upon it His name and his chosen. Israel will be called his people and He will be their God. He is not the God of Islam.

So, as we watch Sharia Law and Islam seep like a flood into the land and watch Islam take its hold on America, remember, this religion is the wrath of God upon man for his apostasy. Islam is not of God, but of Satan. God will allow Islam to come upon the people of the earth, Just like he let Satan test Job. But do not be confused, God the Father did not invent this evil religion. It truly is the religion of the Devil, It has been prophesied to come that, which will come upon the earth and cause all great and small to receive a mark in their forehead, or their hand. At some point Islam wil be able to force its mark upon you. With out this mark you will not be allowed, to buy or sell; and some will be put to death. All those who follow Islam and do not repent will be thrown into the fire of Gods wrath, for they loved the lie, and not the truth.

It is just like Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah and Jerusalem and then later his own empire was taken from his wicked son and given to Cyrus of the Meads and Persians, an even more evil empire. We are now down to the last empires, and the Islamic empire will be replaced with God’s own empire and the seed of David will sit upon the throne. Just take a look at history and see where things are headed. Don’t be fooled by Islam, it’s not the way to God. And By no other way will man be saved but by Yeshua.

At first God used Nebuchadnezzar and the Chadians to be the oppressors of the Jews, and then after the Jews’ captivity was complete, God returned that wrath that was upon the Jews, and Babylon was wiped out and taken by the Meads. All this really happened just like it was prophesied to happen by Daniel. That same thing will happen to Islam. But not until they have been used to accomplish God’s will. Unfortunately this time the trouble will be like none other upon the face of the earth prior to this time. Even the evil Nazis will pale in comparison to what the Islamists are prophesied to do.

The book of Daniel says these things will be understood in the last days. I can tell you that since we understand them, these are the last days. God Is not the God of the dead but of the living. He is not the God of those who reject His Son. Those who believe in the Son Yeshua are the living. That by believing in Yeshua and doing his will, they receive ever lasting life. What does Islam have to do with the peace of Christ?

They are the bondwoman’s children, from a disobedient act of Abraham. He and Sarah were not acting in faith, so they decided to take thing into there own hands, and Sarah lent Abraham her “bondwoman.” The child is proof of disobedience and unbelief. Unbelief is sin, and sin causes death. So, God is not the God of the dead, disobedient or unbelief. He is the God of the Living, and all are dead unless sanctified in Christ. All have sinned and fall short. So only the atonement of Christ and the keeping of the commandments will yield salvation. That is what the Word of God says. Faith in Islam will not yield any thing but death. However, the Islamist can be adopted into the family of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. To whom the promise was made.

Even Mohammad is now in the dust of the earth and will only rise to the judgment.

Do unto others what you would have done unto yourself and Love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and all your actions.


The Republicans Won the District Handily
(In response to Gagflex: The Low Bar of Republican Politics) Shame on you for such a waste of words. Apparently, you think that nearly 70 percent of the 6th district voters are not much smarter than a child.

For the record, state Senator Black ran for Congress. She is now the Congressman elect for this district and wasn’t running for the Senate as you referred to in paragraph 1.

Apparently you slept through the primary battle for 6th district nomination. We republicans battled it out and when the dust settled, we nominated a very strong candidate, in Mrs. Black, to represent us in the general election.

I wanted a candidate who is pro-life as this is a very basic freedom. Allow me to remind you of the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’

Diane Black has great credentials and the voters overwhelmingly approved of her. Those, sir, are the facts.

Michael Detwiler


I am aware that Dianne Black was not a Senatorial candidate. I was referring to Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle, and that was just bad wording on my part.

The main debate within the Republican Party is the same old question of whose more conservative. I’m fine if you want to consider that “battling it out,” but the further right the party goes the more shallow it becomes.

Diane Black might be a great candidate compared to Lou Ann Zelenik, but that’s not exactly a high bar of comparison.

People vote with their hearts, not their minds. You support Diane Black because of her stance on abortion, which is fine. But she has zero authority on the issue and will have no impact upon it. You probably already know this, but she knows how pull on those heart strings.

Congratulations on your candidate getting the victory and I truly hope she proves me wrong (Bob Corker almost has). I hope she has great ideas and doesn’t just rely on populism.

Thanks for reading,



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