Crappie Fishing is Here!

Well, what can I say? Over the last 30 days, each time I have entered the lake I have left with a livewell full of crappie!

With the recent warm weather we have been blessed with, the crappie have moved up into shallow water (4-8′) and have been very active. Two techniques that have been productive for me has been casting tubes on a 1/16 oz. jig head (I like tubes that have yellow in them) and casting minnows on a bobber to wood or rocks in 4-8′ of water.

When casting your jig, let it sink to the bottom and then reel it in consistently at a very slow speed; be prepared to feel that “tick” when a crappie latches on. If you choose to throw minnows and a bobber, try to set your bobber so it is a couple feet off the bottom. This is an easy technique; just cast it out, let it sit and move it forward every 2 minutes. Try to cast it around some type of cover or structure.

Good luck and tight lines!


About the Author

Brian Carper is a local fishing guide working Percy Priest and Old Hickory lakes. For any questions on fishing, contact him at (615) 278-6311 or brian@briancarper.com.

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