Electric Teeth, Deep Machine Show, 2/16/11

Deep Machine

After the release of a very layered and multi-faceted full-length, It Waits For You, I was interested in seeing how Electric Teeth’s songs translate live. Alas, this particular night at Blue Rooster featured Electric Teeth sans a member before an almost nonexistent crowd.

Since the drummer was out of town, lead singer Taylor Lowrance got behind the skins instead of the mic and proceeded with a shortened jam session with bass that provided a dark, solid foundation to sweet rambling guitar parts. Nice for swilling beer, but not the strange electronic glitch-southern rock hybrid from It Waits that was expected.

Deep Machine took the stage next; their intense dynamic onstage is hard to ignore even over the blare of the keys and bleating guitars. It was hard to tell where one song ended and another began, but it was more than just a jam session. Instrumentation was complex and layered as the band incorporated a plethora of seemingly ill-fitting genres including metal and salsa backed with a bleary key-induced haze that was still danceable, as one lone couple near the stage proved.


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