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In response to “Ode to the Red Rose” in the last edition of The Pulse:

When I was in town last September for a friend’s wedding I called the number and tried to get in touch with the property owners and the Realtor, no one would return my calls. If i had the money to invest in the revamping of the space i would have gladly done so. The Red Rose was my home away from home for the better part of my youth. I know for a fact that there were investors, (who had the money needed), that also got no call backs from the powers at be. My reason for trying to get in touch was to properly ask if i would be allowed to remove what was left of the “View From A Coffee Cup” Mural, It was my goal to remove and then restore it, or even return it to the original artist. It truly saddened me that I did not receive a call back, despite multiple calls. The demolition of this history pains me to the core, but i also know that it was inevitable.

I would be more than willing to do what i can to preserve even a part of The Rose. I have often considered writing a book filled with the history and peoples memories and stories from that time when The Red Rose was a place where people of all ages could go enjoy an afternoon/evening of great music, food, coffee, and conversation. I have many lifelong friends that I met at the Rose. Its memory will live on in all who had the wonderful opportunity to experience it. I give a toast to the ending of an era.

Katie Best

For the life of me I can’t understand how this could happen or how it could be allowed to happen. I am another one of many who spent the majority of my free time at the Rose. I feel like a part of me has been destroyed! I am outraged and heartbroken at the same time. I basically LIVED there. I still talk about it all the time and how one of my biggest dreams is to open a shop like it, a place where you can escape from the hectic world outside and just sit back and relax, laugh and fall in love. There was so much always going on at the Rose. there was always good music, beautiful artwork, and wonderful people around. You could litterally feel the day melt away as soon as you walked in the door. No matter how bad the day had gone, you always left with a smile on your face. There will never be another place like it . . .


This is truly sad. I found the Rose when I first moved to Murfreesboro. I met a wonderful girl there that I shared love with for a time. I met many wonderful people there as a matter of fact. I enjoyed days of drawing and working on poetry at the Rose. It will truly be missed. I will never forget that place.

I hope and pray that something can be done to save the Rose.


It’s really too bad that in a city that has done so much good for historic preservation, we are seeing such a building destroyed. How much money and political connection does it take to save a thing which needs to be saved? Shame on the people who are doing this. The people obviously love the building and are willing to support it financially, but there is something more powerful than funding that will allow it to die. Goodbye Red Rose . . .

Elizabeth Bray

My Uncle Ed Curlee was employed by the Red Rose for years. He used to deliver ice cream across the state. I am very interested in any kind of fundraiser or movement to save the rose. I drove by there today while visiting Murfreesboro. Although I have never been inside, it brought back fond memories. My son once suggested opening some type of coffee shop there as before. I have seen modern dairy farms with their own ice cream and sandwich shops along with novelties. Can this place not be restored to historically depict the 20s? Are there not historic preservation grants available?

Nancy Edmondson

I always had Easter Bunny ice cream molds at my birthday parties from Red Rose. It was a treat to pick them up before the party. (My birthday was always at Easter). Sad indeed.


Wow. Everyone is sad. No one wants to do anything.

There has been no permit issued for demolition of The Red Rose. That information came from The City’s Planning Director. If we could get in touch with the owners to see if they would be willing to let someone hold a fundraiser, saving The Rose might be a very real possibility.

Liz K Zook


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