Make It Yours – Personalize Wedding Venues for a Remarkable Event

Personalize your wedding location to create an unforgettable event. Some venues come decorated, while others are blank canvases awaiting a splash of color. It will depend on your location.

Choosing a color theme for your wedding helps make event location decorating easy. A few basic areas to incorporate your color theme are your table linens, flowers and centerpieces.

Wedding planners may include linen rentals in their fee, but if they don’t you can still rent or make colorful table covers. Try local party stores or online linen rental sites like ClothCollection.com. Scatter contrasting color rose petals or table gems on custom linens.

Take personalization a step further with lighting. Place colored pot lights against walls to make a boring gray wall pop. Hang paper lanterns or rented light fixtures for additional illumination.

Honor family or pets that were unable to attend with photo collages on the guest book table. Blow up copies of special photographs to mount around the venue for a personal touch.

Cover plywood with color-coordinated fabric, then attach the panels to strategic walls around the venue for even more visual interest.

The possibilities are endless. Tour your venue before the event to plan personal touches, and read decorating clauses in your wedding venue contract carefully.


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