A (Televised) Celebration of Local Color

Louise Mosrie will perform Aug. 24 at Bluesboro as part of the Local Color series

“What we get out of [music] is something we have to reconstruct in our own minds, and something that remains inaccessible to a person who will not make efforts of the right kind.” ~ R.G. Collingwood, from The Principles of Art

“If you ain’t out there doin’ it . . . you’re f***in’ stupid!” ~ Big Fella, from recent guest lecture at MTSU

I love music. All types of music. I once worked for a guy who said there’s not only good music in every genre, there’s great music in every genre.

He was not a good boss, he was a great boss!

If you’ve read this far, you probably love music, too. I’m willing to bet that you, or a close friend of yours, plays wonderful, intense, passionate music; writes magnificent, vivid poetry or paints colorful masterpieces daily. It’s really a pretty safe bet. If you are reading this, you are already making an effort to increase the joy of your life through the appreciation of art, therefore you are most likely already involved in our local art community somehow.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Murfreesboro is a Mecca for artists, particularly musicians, because of our close proximity to Nashville and our nationally acclaimed Recording Industry program at MTSU. Why, then, are we so content to let it lie virtually dormant in the shadows of Music City U.S.A., instead of basking in the glory of our own stars?

We are about to turn on the lights. This fall, a new televised concert series called Local Color will air on Comcast Channel 10. Local Color will feature many of your friends and neighbors performing along with nationally touring professionals. Starting Aug. 3, the show will be filmed every Wednesday night, beginning at 8 p.m. at the new Bluesboro Bar and Music Hall on the Square and admission is FREE to the public. Each week we will have food and drink specials; door prizes and giveaways from local businesses; information about community organizations and resources; and lots and lots of music.

Local Color won’t be successful without your help. Help us reach out to all of the fantastic musicians, artists and eclectic performers in our area and let’s create a community to celebrate beauty and diversity.

Tell your uber-talented, freaky, artist friend that we need to hear from him or her. If you’re the one who’s uber-talented and slightly unhinged, don’t be shy, let’s show the world. This program is for everybody. If you have a desire to express, we want to hear you express, see you express, feel you express and smell you express whatever it is you feel like expressing however you want to express it. What I’m saying is . . . all forms of expression are welcome here.

If you are a belly-dancer, fire-walker or sword-swallower, drop a line.

If you are a contortionist, cartoonist, or a clever clairvoyant, hit me up.

If you are an admirer, an aficionado, or an enthusiast, come on out.

If you don’t believe that music and art make the world a better place, stay at home.


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