Bachmann Feels Heat from Media, She Must be a Real Contender

Michele Bachmann

You’d better be prepared for the steely knives of the left-leaning news media if you’re a conservative running for president, especially if you’re a woman. Michele Bachmann has quickly learned that as she’s been catapulted to the top tier of the GOP primary.

She officially announced her candidacy for president the day after an Iowa poll showed her neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney in the Hawkeye state. Ah, but the hit-and-run media couldn’t resist a knit-pick and a stretch to try and make Bachmann look like an idiot.

Bachmann, a native of Waterloo, Iowa, proclaimed her pride in being from the same hometown as John Wayne. As it turns out, John Wayne was born across state in Winterset, Iowa, although his parents were from Waterloo, a minor gaffe that, had it been uttered by a Democrat, would’ve gotten nary a mention.

Oh, but these jackals in the media had to go a step further. They claimed infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy was born in Waterloo as if Bachmann had confused the two. Gacy did live in Waterloo for a time but was, in fact, born in Chicago. Still the birth town lie spread like wildfire through the media. Even The Drudge Report fell for the misinformation without bothering to check the facts. It took me less than 30 seconds to find the truth. Apparently, it’s not that hard if you really want to know it.

Of course, there was the “are you a flake” question from Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. He personally called Bachmann and apologized. Of how many men would Wallace have asked that question?

NBC called her a “flame thrower” while the Associated Press referred to her as “edgy.” All this indicates one thing. These people are frightened to death of Michele Bachmann. I mean, how could this be? She could be the first woman to win a party’s nomination and she’s a conservative. Heck, she could be the first female president and she’s, egads, a Republican! A tea party Republican at that!

What would this mean to the Democrat Party? How many Democrat women would take Bachmann’s lead and actually start thinking for themselves?

It’s bad enough that Herman Cain is a black conservative. At least for now they have him comfortably in third place. They’ve managed to marginalize him as a light-weight pizza guy. They have no idea how Cain escaped from the liberal plantation but re-education is too late. He must be destroyed, made an example of so no other blacks try to pull this stunt.

Same for Bachmann. How dare she run as a conservative after all the liberals have done for women? I mean, if there’s one thing feminism has taught us it’s that women don’t need men. They don’t need the trappings of motherhood. Women can have careers just like men. Let those chauvinist men stay home with the babies. We’re going out to burn our bras (like a bra is some kind of chastity belt).

Then along came the conservative woman. Not only could she have children and stay married to the same guy, she could actually have a career, too, something the feminists told her was impossible. Michele Bachmann has five children and she and her husband have helped raise 23 foster kids. Through all that, she managed to get a law degree, become a tax attorney, serve in the Minnesota state senate and become a United States Congressman.

No wonder the liberals are out to destroy her. She’s about to blow this whole liberal/feminist façade. Hmm. I guess you can have it all. But don’t tell Gloria Steinem.



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Phil Valentine is an author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host with Westwood One. For more of his commentary and articles, visit philvalentine.com.

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