U.S. Women Looking Strong at World Cup

The Women's World Cup combines two of the greatest things in the world— sexy American women, such as Heather Mitts, and competitive sports.

The time is now baby, it is the Z-Train’s time to kick all my fans in the mouth with Train Daddy sports knowledge and my time to give a shout out to all the sexy ladies of the Boro; hey Mamacitas! It is a great time in the U.S as we celebrate our independence with cookouts, family and friends; we blow crap up and for those of us who understand, we recognize the greatness of this country! When I was a kid it was all about hamburgers and blowing crap up, it still is to a point, but I salute to the soldiers of the past and present these days. That is what it’s all about, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, the men that fought those fights for me; those are the men I celebrate on July 4. God bless this country, God bless my family and God bless sports, those are three of the greatest things on earth. Well, what about sexy women? That is also one of the greatest things on earth. I have my priorities all right—women, sports, family and this great country.

This is a rough time for sports in the US, we have no football no basketball no hockey and we are in the middle of a long baseball season. So what sporting news do I have for you this week? Well, I am very excited about the US Women’s Soccer Club looking very good in the beginning stages of the World Cup. We had one of the most prestigious contests in the country on July 4, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship. The tides in the tennis world have turned, and there is a new stud pimpin’ his game. So let’s do it baby!

For now, Djokovic is clearly No. 1

On Centre Court in 2008, Rafael Nadal dethroned Roger Federer as the world’s best tennis player. Just this past Sunday, Novak Djokovic did the same to Nadal. Novak consolidated his new No. 1 ranking and left little doubt “Who is the Best.” It has been an interesting last five years for the game of tennis. Roger Federer was unstoppable, and then came Nadal who showed that he could be stopped. Just this year, Novak has come hard going 42-1 and taking Wimbledon in dominating fashion over Nadal. After the match win Novak picked some grass from the court, rolled it up and smoked it as he chanted, “I am No. 1”. That is a picture perfect moment for Novak, the new #1 Tennis Player in the world.

So let’s move on to U.S Soccer, the women’s club has been representing the country very well here at the beginning stages of the FIFA tournament. The club clinched their ticket to the knockout stage with a 3-0 victory over Colombia. The World Cup is beamed live to more than 200 countries. There are some very strong teams here and the U.S is in the top 5 range of favorites. Vegas has its money on hometown favorite Germany going for their third straight World Cup victory.

US goalie, Hope Solo

The outcome of the U.S team could be huge for WPS “Women’s Professional Soccer” here in America. It is a young league; it’s financially fragile and is in desperate need of the kind of boost a World Cup triumph could provide. An early exit in the knockout stage would have damaging ramifications that would last well beyond the tournament. Soccer is great in my opinion; I love it on an international level, but that’s it for me. Last year when the US Men were advancing through the knockout stage it was as exciting as the NFL playoffs are for me personally, and I love that feeling. So let’s get more people in this country passionate about soccer, the US Women can do it. If they start moving forward in the knockout stage, the whole country will be there watching; it’s guaranteed. It’s like the Olympics; we love beating down other countries. It’s sad, but America isn’t a soccer lover until certain times; the U.S fan base is more or less bandwagon fans.

Joey Chestnut

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest took place July 4. Joey Chestnut, who has dominated in recent years and owns the record 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, once again won the contest. Though he didn’t break his own record.

Kobayashi pioneered the game of competitive eating back in 2001 and took the crown year in and year out absolutely untouched. Then an American Savior, Mr. Chestnut, came to dethrone the Japanese eater and show the world hot dog eating is as American as apple pie, baby. Last year, Kobayashi had contract disputes that kept him from being able to compete. He still attempted to take the stage and was arrested by police as fans on live TV chanted “Let him eat.” This year he is still in contract dispute with Nathan’s and wont sign their contract, so he ate at a rooftop bar in Manhattan. It was aired on TV, but his results did not matter as he is just doing this to show the world he can still hang. My man, Joey Chestnut, I am hoping you put down 70 next year, just do it baby!

Well that’s it, the Train Daddy celebrated July 4 in style and I hope you all did the same. Let’s go American Women, do us proud.


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The Z-Train is a Murfreesboro resident and enjoys all sports, but bleeds code blue for his beloved Titans, who will one sweet day bring home that beautiful Lombardi Trophy to Tennessee. Always remember the Train's big F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and FOOTBALL!

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