Football isn’t just a Fantasy, it’s Reality!

Coach Munch

How will Coach Munchak fare in his first season leading the Titans?

It’s the man, the legend, the one whom came out the womb sporting a Titans jersey and a beer, yours truly, Mr. Train Daddy. So it is that time, we are upon September and football will always be there; it’s no fantasy, it is reality.

Football is not like any women, she will not break your heart and she will not leave with the money and kids. Every weekend, lady football is there to please us men, and she finds new ways to tickle my pickle every Sunday. It is a glorious time and football even brings more than blood, sweat and tears, it brings a wonderful game by the name of Fantasy Football, even played by God. Even though God asked me to join his league I kindly had to decline, I just know the old geezer has an edge on me, he always picks the right players.

It is going to be a great season, new players on new teams, new coaches in new cities and the same rowdy fans causing chaos and bringing their house down every Sunday. Like my man Mr. Hank say’s ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Fantasy, The Train Daddy Way
Well let’s go ahead and do a little segment here on Fantasy Football, since I specialize on it, really you could learn something here. It is not just a coincidence that I dominate year in and year out in my leagues. The last five years I have gone 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 2nd, all in a 12-team league, and this year I am adding another 1st place trophy on my wall. It is all about a ritual of knowledge and studying the game we love. If you do not find these things interesting, you have no reason to even be playing Fantasy Football.

The Pre-Season is where it all starts for knowledge prior to your draft day. Teams get new players, busted up talented veterans and new flashy rookies and each pre-season someone fills a key hole for a team struggling at that player’s position. It is a great idea to get a fantasy cheat book and study what they have to say about rankings and the pros and cons of each player, but the knowledge you will get from the pre-season will be more beneficial than what any book will tell you.

Running backs win leagues, never take a quarterback ever in the first round; I don’t care if it is a super Vick fresh out of jail smelling like dog meat. Load up on running backs; get a quality QB around the third round and ride in to a championship baby. Well I can not give you to much knowledge, I am a genius and my information does not come free. I will tell you study during the season, study injuries, learn who the injured player’s backup is and scoop him off waivers before anyone else in your league gets a chance.

Have a great time playing a game that millions and millions of Americans have been jumping the band wagon for these past years, and growing every year. Let me give a shout out to the best league out there, the 12 members of the Train Daddy Mafia: of course yours truly, the Train Daddy, Scottie B., Danny W., John Poop Daddy, Captain Mayo, Young Jeezy Batson, Mr. Castle, Courtney the dirty towel swinger, Mr. Thomas, Sir Darren, my man Hunter Shank, and the big Slobber Knocker. Let the best man win, baby!

L.P. Field History Lesson
L.P Field seats approximately 69,798 fans and sadly will never be able to accommodate a Super Bowl, bastards. It is all natural grass and opened aired often shared with T.S.U. Through last season, the Titans extended there sellout streak to 124 consecutive games, every pre-season regular season and post season game. With a regular season record of 60-36 at home and 2-2 post season record since the stadium opened in 1999. That is all fine and dandy but let me give you a Train Daddy history lesson on L.P field and what this place means to a true code blue bleeding Titan’s fan. This is a place where Titans take the field, Tennessee Titans, and a place where dedicated fans like the Train Daddy raise hell, through the good times and bad times standing side by side with my people at all times. This is a place where history is short, yet tradition, fans, loyalty and love of the game is growing faster than any football stadium in the nation. It is fans like me, and all my people that 40 years from now will look back on the past and then realize how much of a part we had in making this franchise thrive. We may be a young franchise, but 40 years from now, some Super Bowl jewelry, past games, and past legends are all things I can tell my kids about, hell it is fans like me that make the Titans and football great. I will tell people of the old day’s the day’s players like Steve, Eddie, Mason and Wycheck took the field, and I will put this Titan Knowledge and N.F.L history into there head. This field is more than grass and two goal post, it is a sanctuary of battles and struggles that the players the coaches and fans went through over all these years. It is up to me as a true blue bleeding Titans fan to always be loyal and teach this Titans history in which I am a part off. Man that really gets me off just think this town is already football crazy, but get people as excited as me and all opposing teams and fans will fear the week they have to come play Tennessee . God bless this country and God bless the Titans, that truly is my passion I am 100% serious call me crazy I love my team.

Michael Vick

Quick Thoughts from the Train’s Brain
No Chris Johnson in camp or in town still as of presstime. The Titans organization said they would make him the highest paid running back in history. It seems Johnson feels like he deserves a deal that a top quarterback would make. I was on Johnson’s side at first when he wanted more cheese. If you wanted quarterback loot you should have been a quarterback. Jamie Harper is looking great this pre-season and the running game is still alive without Johnson. I love Harper’s style and he is winning the battle over Ringer, in my opinion.

Kerry Collins has stepped out of retirement to become an addition to the Colts, as Peyton Manning is coming off surgery and may not be ready to go right away. What blows my mind is they knew about this problem prior to the pre-season and camp this year. It looks like a flaw in management. Why did they not get a second-string QB in there earlier instead of two games into the pre-season, so they actually could give the guy a chance to learn the offense in case Manning does have to sit some games.

Kenny Britt is off the chopping block and ready to hopefully have a blow-up season, no suspension from Commissioner; stay out of jail you idiot!

The dream team Eagles might have the worse offensive line in the NFL, in the toughest division in the league. Michael Vick will not last five games this year if he is running for his life like he has been all pre-season.

Well, next time we will have a live regualar season to talk about. Stay updated with me online at BOROPULSE.COM for updated columns and Titans news. Remember if you see a hater in the street, do the Albert headstomp or the Micheal dog bite, neither feels good!


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The Z-Train is a Murfreesboro resident and enjoys all sports, but bleeds code blue for his beloved Titans, who will one sweet day bring home that beautiful Lombardi Trophy to Tennessee. Always remember the Train's big F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and FOOTBALL!

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