Seizing the Synthetics, The Word on the Street

Law enforcement agents raided dozens of Rutherford County shops on Sept. 7 and seized a variety of products marketed as incense, bath salts, plant food, etc.

The products manufactured by local company Niburu Botanicals were untouched; the business owners said they modified their products earlier this to year to remain in compliance with state law.

We’ll go ahead and say The Pulse views this operation as a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars, and try as you may, you cannot legislate and raid away stupid behavior.
Here’s what Murfreesboro has to say about the raids:

I am very glad and I wish it happened sooner.
Jennifer Fletcher Farmer

People really need to mind their own business. Is it hurting you when some dumb punk that will never go anywhere in life fries his brain from doing something he shouldn’t be? I’m not saying that people should smoke anything like that, but if they are stupid enough to consume something that says on the package “not for human consumption” then why bother? You can’t save people like that, they’ll just go & find something else to get them high. What’s next? Throwing every addict in rehab against their will? The police need to work on finding killers, rapists, child abusers/molesters & DUI offenders. It’s funny how the cops here would rather arrest someone for having a joint on them than arrest someone for child endangerment. In domestic situations someone’s got to get hurt or die before they take action. They need to get their priorities straight.
Amanda Cobb

All they need to do is legalize weed, and no one would sniff bath salts.
Adam Mercer

We are very happy this happened. We refused to carry these for moral reasons. Most of these stores only care about the $$$ they were making off it and did not care at all if someone would have died from using these.
Broad Street Tobacco & Beverage

But alcohol and tobacco has never killed anyone?!? Bwahahaha. They’re going after the easy targets.
James Alcorn II

They gotta justify their jobs somehow.
Dave Mason

YAY! I’m so glad this crap is getting off the shelves!
Karen Leigh Burton

Law enforcement should concentrate more on drug and alcohol abuse. It is at the root of a large percentage of crime. I cannot understand why people continue to poison themselves with these substances.
Donna Tramel Davis

It’s an appropriate action to take.
Mark White

They got to take them off the shelves to make room for cigarettes and liquor.
Matt Messick Well

Thank God for Robert Arnold and staff for probably saving teens and young adults from dying while taking this crap, smoking and using needles with BATH SALTS and incense!
Mindy Stephens

I am against all drugs but really, if you look into it I would rather people do the illegal real stuff! These synthetic drugs are so much worse and more dangerous.
Gina Rose Humphries

Most of the illicit synthetic drugs confiscated from area markets Wednesday were labeled “not for human consumption” by their manufacturers, but the escalating number of calls to poison control centers, local police departments and visits to emergency rooms across the county indicate people are consuming them…..soooo there are a lot of things marked this. I mean if an idiot is snorting bath salts…then I really can’t say I have much sympathy for what happens to them. I hope Bath and Body Works in the mall was shut down. Someone might snort their lotion.
Lee Kilgore

It’s a shame that the store owners didn’t remove these deadly products from their shelves voluntarily and had to have it forced upon them.
Dana Young

Oh my.. They 1)arrest people by mistake, throw them in jail 2)lock down high schools for random searches 3) 40-50 show up for regular traffic problems 4)there is what, a cop for every two people (check out the library) and 5) they have nothing to do, obviously. This is who we pay? I got one thing to say, “f*** the police, coming straight from k-town”
Lauren Hughes

It is about time!
Josh Oliver

Tragic that some teens feel the need to do these things, but what about a good ol’ can of spray paint and a paper shopping bag? That’ll kill ya too. Should it be illegal as well? How about gasoline? Huffing it will get you high as a kite and put you in the hospital. I think it is a danger to our community as well. Clearly, something needs to be done about this. It’s a dangerous world out there and there are an infinite number of ways for stupid people to do stupid things that will endanger their life. Give me civil liberty or give me death. Or both, if I take the liberty of doing something so dumb as getting high on PLANT FOOD.
Gregory Lee Hopkins

And if your kid is smoking things clearly labeled “not for human consumption,” then that sounds like a case of bad parenting, not the product. Should we make house hold cleaners illegal because you failed to teach your kid to not be stupid?
Russell White

The bottom line here is to find out why people are using this stuff in the first place! How did it get so popular if it’s labeled “not for human consumption”? What underlying emotional issues are your loved ones facing that would cause them to seek out a way to feel better? That is the only way we are gonna win any type of war on drugs, or better yet legalize some of them if medicating is a way to have a more productive life without emotional issues and negative consequences.
Lisa Maria Burnett Bush


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