For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Self Governance

With every breath the soul in my shell of a body grows weaker. I am dying the same slow death that America is. Every day the united body that was the greatest experiment of freedom ever known to man slips further and further into the doom that it is becoming. As it happens, my mind races constantly. Seeing the devastation grow slowly around me is like a form of torture that is more cruel and unusual than any non alien entity should ever be forced to endure.

Even so, there is hope. Today there is a man who has come along that tirelessly broadcasts and promotes freedom with his entire being. There are others that follow the message and attempt to hold him up for all to see. The soul that was the America of the 1700â€s and 1800€™s still resonates through him and the people who follow him. Their passion gives me hope that there is still some small piece of that spirit of freedom left which through the founding fathers uttered the words “we hold these truths to be self evident.”

Evidence resonates in the early documents left by our founding fathers, that at one point in history there was magic happening. True freedom existed in a way that was never before seen on the face of this planet. As it stands, that freedom will likely never be seen on this planet ever again. Corruption, greed and selfishness are the errors keeping us from that freedom. Some people would point the finger at businesses, and some would point the finger at government. Both are correct, but both are missing an integral part. The most important and single most devastating factor is that people of this country have decided that it is necessary to have the government give them things.

As it stands, 47 million Americans are currently being supported by food stamps. More than that are living off of social security. Dependency is the technical term to describe this, but cancer is a better parallel. The people of America have become their own cancer, feeding off the prosperity that is inherent within free systems. The evolution of this scenario is that the government takes actions to feed that cancer so that the individual politicians may keep their political positions. Of course payment is necessary for all this feeding, and so the body chooses to take medicine in the form of taxation. Taxation can be explained and justified by bullcrap wars, bullcrap poverty, bullcrap social justice, and many other forms of excrement, but no matter how it is justified, the result is always the same. Economic and personal freedoms rapidly become nonexistent.

This is where we are now. We have no freedom; we have no republic, and most people have no understanding of what they are even missing. The one result they do know is that times are hard. Justifiably, our currency is in ruin, and although the cost of living is going up, wages and jobs are not going up proportionately. The system is broken. It in no way resembles that which it was designed to be, and thus it has failed to conform to its own nature. Without that nature, it is nothing.

At this stage our nation would be comparatively better off if we recreated our system of government from the ground up. But, no matter how good of a system we could create, we will likely never capture the magic of that which was already laid on the table for us. The Constitution in its basic form is that magic. If we were to throw away the multitude of federal laws, agencies and jobs that exist and simply start from the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, our country would become prosperous again. It would take time, and many people would die and be in pain as a result, but it would work as long as we follow the guidelines that Payne, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the founders laid out for us.

As for those of you who get stuck in the details, or can’€™t reconcile the deaths, violence, corruption and pain that a return to the basic Constitution would initially bring, I say do the world a favor and die now. That or go to a place where slaves to government, whiners, greedy people and moochers are accepted; like Greece. The reality that you have created is one devoid of the natural selection process, both in business, and in human life. Market Darwinism is just as necessary as natural selection is in any animal based system. Human business, and human lives are simply not so individually important that anyone could justify eliminating natural selection processes. Eliminating the process of natural selection is more akin to playing God, than allowing the weak to simply die.

As for me, I would gladly welcome death so that freedom for the next generation could be restored to the level of freedom that the last generation enjoyed. In fact death for this cause seems like the only worthwhile type of death that exists. If enough people worked with this same mindset, and set their energies against media bias, against government beyond the Constitution, against selfishness, and FOR self-government, then freedom of a level not seen since the American Revolution could be recognized in no time.


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