Every Shooting Death is Tragic

Another tragic killing of a young man. No, I’m not talking about the Trayvon Martin case. I’m talking about the John Sanderson case. You haven’t heard of John Sanderson? His name is not being etched on the sneakers of NBA basketball players? Sanderson’s not being immortalized by the likes of Al Sharpton?

I wonder why?

John Sanderson was a student at Mississippi State who was gunned down in his dorm. This story hits home for me since I have a son at Mississippi State and that’s the very dorm he’s scheduled to live in next year. What’s absolutely amazing is the media coverage of the story. I read dozens of them. Only one mentioned that Sanderson was white and his alleged murderers are black. Why is that important? Because, for one, the suspects are still at large. How do you alert the public to help catch the suspects if you don’t even tell them what they look like?

The second reason is this appears to be a hate crime. Three black guys get past three layers of security then shoot a white guy multiple times? You tell me what you think that is.

Not only were the mainstream media ignoring that little tidbit in the days after the killing, they were doing their level best not to inject race into the case. And in this case we know much more than we did about the Trayvon Martin case before the protests and the marches all started.

What was particularly interesting about the Trayvon Martin case is his killer, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic. Yet CNN and other outlets refer to him as a “white” Hispanic. Excuse me?

Karen Finney, a Democrat strategist whom MSNBC tries to pass off as a reporter, had a long editorial about her father being pulled over because he was a black man driving a nice car. Of course, to look at her no one would ever peg her as a black woman yet no one refers to her as a “white” African-American.

I thought once you had one drop of blood from a minority the mainstream media considered you that minority. For instance, everyone considers Geraldo Rivera a Latino yet his mother was of Russian Jewish descent and his real name is Gerald, not Geraldo. I have no problem with Geraldo considering himself Hispanic or Latino but if he is then Zimmerman surely is. Ever heard anyone refer to Geraldo as a “white” Hispanic?

Ah, but you see, if Zimmerman, the gunman, is a minority then that destroys the media’s plan to make this a racial issue. Hard to argue Zimmerman was a racist if he’s from one of the so-called “oppressed” minorities so, like magic, he’s the first “white” Hispanic.

Of course, down in Mississippi we have what appears to be a racist crime. Where’s the protest? Where’s the march? Where’s the outrage. Instead we have media outlets, Fox News included, that have gone out of their way not to report on the racial component of this case. I guess it’s not nearly as much fun when the “oppressed” minority is the killer.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying that shots were fired in both cases and the police are investigating. I’m saying let’s see where the investigations lead. I’m saying that murder is murder and what happens to be on the killer’s mind is irrelevant so let’s stop with this “hate crime” madness.

I’m saying that the mainstream media know how to play the public like a harp. They know how to keep people stirred up.

I’m saying let’s not be played.


About the Author

Phil Valentine is an author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host with Westwood One. For more of his commentary and articles, visit philvalentine.com.

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