Islam is Taking Over US from the Inside

Friday, July 20, 4:10 a.m., Los Angeles, CA: I am being wired for sound. There are big, hot lights pointed in my eyes, a screen depicting the Los Angeles skyline behind me and a camera pointed at my face. In a few minutes, I will be addressing a live audience of millions of viewers on a major news network, about what I believe to be the defining issue of our time, the Islamization of the West.

“Eric, shall we introduce you as a former liberal documentary filmmaker?” a voice asks in my earpiece. “Sure, that sounds about right,” I answer. “Just either you mention or I’ll mention that the film was supposed to expose what I thought was Islamophobia until I learned the truth about Islam.” Silence for a moment, and then, “Okay, please stand by.” I review the bullet points in my head one last time:

– The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is building a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in defiance of a court order, having obtained their permits illegally.

– Additionally, the Islamic Center had indicated publicly that, in spite of being denied an Occupancy Permit, they still intended to occupy their new compound in time for Ramadan. It seems to me that loyalty to Islam comes first, before anything, including respect for the law in America. And I see this trend happening all over the country right now and in Europe as well.

– I personally have no objection to any group worshipping in peace, but I do take issue when that group refuses to abide by our laws.

– Judge Corlew, of Rutherford County, had ruled the permits void due to a violation of the open meetings act. The Mayor had been exposed, lying on the witness stand in court, about having financial dealings for many decades with a Board Member of the Islamic Center. He had first said he had never heard of this Egyptian Muslim leader, Essam Fathy, but only minutes later it was proven that Dr. Fathy was an important part of the Mayor’s substantial personal income.

– On Wednesday of this week, there were two discreet “Emergency” lawsuits filed, at the same time. One was filed by Ossama Bahoul, the Egyptian Cleric of this Islamic compound. But what I found especially bizarre was that the other was actually filed by the Federal Government—using our tax dollars. This had to have taken quite a bit of planning, timing and calculation. The alliance here is disconcerting and raises a lot of questions.

– Both lawsuits were heard immediately, and a ruling was made the same day, by a Federal Judge in Nashville, saying that the Islamic Center would be granted an emergency restraining order against Corlew’s ruling, so that the Islamic Center could celebrate Ramadan in their new compound, instead of at their existing facility. This unexpected move had all of the appearances of a backroom deal. The people of the affected community already had their day in court and won—but their lawyers were not informed of this hearing until after the fact. So I question why the Federal Government is circumventing the will of the people, and lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group—especially one with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

I had gone over my sound bytes one more time in my head, “So it seems that the Federal government is not only lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group. But the message here appears to be this—that not to allow the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to violate our laws—is somehow a violation of their religious freedom.”

Show time: Another voice comes over the ear piece and says, “Eric, I’m so sorry, but your segment has been preempted. There’s been a shooting at a movie theater in Colorado, and we have to go to that right away. Can you come back tomorrow?”

In the car, on the way home, I listened as the morning news radio covered the tragedy. A young man entered a movie theater, shooting and killing many in attendance. It was premeditated. He has psychological problems. And experts predict that this might hurt how the latest Batman sequel will do in the box office. Every media outlet out there was covering this event and new details came to light, because if they did not, you might change the channel.

Horrible as this tragedy was, something like this happens every few years here in America. Meanwhile, brutality on this level is the norm in the Islamic world.

Anyone who is paying attention can see that Political Islam is on the rise, nuclear armed and colonizing Europe and America. Everyone else is either ignoring this alarming development or making apologies for it. In America, political correctness makes this subject difficult to talk about. And in Europe, “hate speech” laws make it nearly impossible. Add to that the distractibility of the comfortable classes, which when compared to much of the world, would be just about all of us in the West, and one can see a perfect storm forming.

It is clear that a new Islamic caliphate is forming in the Middle East. As the Arab Spring degenerates into an Islamo-Psycho Summer, the Muslim Brotherhood assumes power in Egypt. Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi won, using as his campaign slogan, “The Koran is our Constitution! Mohammed is our Leader! Jihad is our cause!”

Here in America, Nonie Darwish, a highly respected Apostate from Islam, published an article. In it she states that as many as 90+ percent of Muslim Egyptians living in the United States, who voted in the Egyptian elections, voted for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. I find this rather disturbing bit of information even more infuriating, given the lack of sufficient coverage of this by traditional media.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation appears to have taken over the UN. They are calling for an international law which forbids the mocking of any prophets or religions, although I think they have one prophet specifically in mind. Abdou Kattih, the Muslim Brotherhood aligned treasurer of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, made a statement that Muslims in America should also demand this. The statement was scrubbed from the web, but I have made it available on my site, globalinfidel.tv.

Muslim Brotherhood front groups infiltrate nearly every aspect of American life, from politics to culture to the law, education and even our food. Islamic colonization in Dearborn, Mich., and recently in Tennessee, result in a sharp rise in radicalization at mosques, where anti-American sermons have become commonplace and terrorist ideas are spread. I often think about what it must have been like in Germany in the 1930s for anyone who was trying to get through to the people before it was too late, before telling the truth became a crime, and I stay the course.

When I got home from the newsroom, I was disappointed that I had been preempted. But I did return the next day. And I reported, for two and a half minutes, on how the Federal Government had lobbied on behalf of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. And then it was over and the coverage of the Colorado movie massacre continued.

If there is a hidden agenda in the media, it is hidden right out in the open. They deliver what we demand. And right now, the American public does not demand to know the truth about the greatest threat facing the civilized world today. Instead, they want to enjoy their morning cup of coffee with up-to-the-minute updates on a shooting at a movie theater, a Scientology celebrity breakup and whether or not Mitt Romney is likeable enough. And it is this, America’s addiction to entertainment, that makes us weak.

To fault any one network for this would be unfair. But I will say this: the network that only a year ago I despised, Fox News, seems to be the only 24-hour news network that has the courage to even acknowledge that the threat of Political Islam even exists and has the courage to refuse to ignore what the media outlets are hoping will just go away.

But there is hope. With or without the help of big media, the people of Murfreesboro, Tenn., continue to fight back. Recently, I received numerous documents through my website, MosqueConfidential.com, which revealed infiltration into the student curriculum on the part of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. With each new article, I exposed more, and the spokesman for that School District, James Evans, was caught lying again and again for the Islamic Center. And I’m not even close to finished with releasing even more documents on this.

The same week that my segment was preempted, shortened and rescheduled, the people of Murfreesboro, Tenn., were working diligently on a grassroots level. The school board meeting was packed—standing room only—with concerned parents demanding answers about an Islam Awareness Day.

A “Guide for Teachers of Muslim Students” was handed out, exposing what Abdou Kattih, the Syrian-born treasurer of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, had sent to the school board.


The school board downplayed the significance of this, condescendingly telling parents that this item was not on the agenda for that night’s meeting. But one citizen had signed up to speak well in advance, and he was heard. When Kevin Neal Fisher spoke out against the Islamic Center exceeding its rights under the First Amendment and demanding that Muslim experts be consulted in choosing history and social studies books, the crowd rose to their feet in a thunderous standing ovation.

Now, even with the Federal Government going out of its way to defend the Islamic Center at the expense of our national security, everyone is now watching. Remember, the enemy of Islamic colonization is information. In the fight against Political Islam, so far I would say that our political leaders have been mostly useless.

Unfortunately, not much has really been achieved militarily since 9/11, as Islamic brutality has only increased. At home, the amount of new mosque construction in America since 9/11 has nearly doubled, with an estimated 80 percent of these mosques receiving some kind of funding from Islamic regimes or organizations that are hostile toward America. And our media has failed us as well, with a few notable exceptions.

Law enforcement has caved in to demands from the Hamas front group, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and shredded documents that might offend Muslims. CAIR oversaw this, and we will now never know what vital intelligence was lost. CAIR has also successfully lobbied to remove important training manuals from law enforcement, having to do with Islamic terrorism—even changing the words themselves to “extremist groups” instead of Al Qeada, Hamas, Hezbollah or just “Islamic terrorists.”

The Fort Hood massacre, where a Muslim officer killed several military personnel in what he admits was an act of Islamic Jihad, must now be referred to by law enforcement as “workplace violence,” courtesy of CAIR and our spineless DOJ and Presidential Administration.

Islamic Honor Killings are to be referred to as “domestic violence” so as not to seem prejudicial against Muslims. Imagine if during the Cold War era, the Federal Government allowed KGB agents access to classified CIA documents and caved in to demands that the words “Soviet” and “Communist” be removed, so as not to offend any Russians. That is the situation we are living in today, here in America.

Our culture, our laws, our educational system, our political system, law enforcement, the courts, the media, all of it has been compromised. During the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest bust of an Islamic “charity” funneling monies to Islamic terrorists, a memo was discovered. It outlined the Muslim Brotherhood in America’s plans for what they are calling “Civilization Jihad”. Specifically this mandated that the Muslim Brotherhood “destroy the West, from the inside, using its own evil hands.” I would say it’s working. They are succeeding.

So what is left? What can citizens do, since we cannot rely on our own government to protect us? The answer, in my view, is really rather simple. In the oppressive Muslim countries where this strategy of “Civilization Jihad” was hatched, the Jihadist overlooked a couple of important details. Islam means “submission” and Islamists do not understand the power of a free press. And in the information age, in the age of social media, we now have more of a free press than ever before. And the Islamists also forgot to take into account the incredible spirit of the American people.

The information age brings with it the potential to end 1,400 years of Islamic brutality. And Islam is brutal to the core, as it has always been. You can stop its growth—and you must. Don’t wait around for our leaders to fix this for us. For as the saying goes, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.”


About the Author

Eric Allen Bell is the author of “The High Price of Telling the Truth about Islam”. He is also the Director of Global Infidel TV and Mosque Confidential–a whistle blowing site for concerned citizens, to come forward with material that will expose the Muslim Brotherhood in America or other subversive Islamic activity. Join him on Facebook at: Facebook.com/EricAllenBell or email him at ericallenbell@gmail.com.

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  • Ryan

    This article is testament to the culture of manufactured fear that we live in – which serves as a convenient distraction from real problems (climate change, poverty, income inequality to name three big ones). Islamaphobia is convenient because it feeds on prejudice and is quite an easy sell. While it is true that I have met Muslims who seem to hold a worldview that was present in the middle ages, the case is not so different for the mainstream US Christians, especially in Tennessee. Just this week I saw massive support for Chick-fil-a following their appeal to a second great manufactured fear – gay marriage. So the real question is: how will you invest your energy? Will it focus on a manufactured fear of 1% of the population (Muslims), or the vast group of US conservatives who are proving so disastrous to US policy? Consider what type of mindset is consistently on the wrong side of history. The conservative mindset, which is fear-based, opposed the abolishment of slavery, women’s suffrage, civil rights, minimum wage, child labor laws, the 8 hour work day, social security, and continue to oppose the humane treatment of animals, gay marriage, religious freedom, medicare, and environmental protection.

    Please refer to the previous Pulse article:


  • jjjjj

    I had no idea the lead singer of Creed was so up in arms about Islam.

  • mimi dixon

    to the person about creed..he is a born again christian,u should know that..beautiful music and very political…this article is very scarry…they are taking over from the inside out how much more evidence do we need???..rt in front of our eyes???,,we need a new american president..he is not truthful…they are pushing their ideas on us we don’t want it!!! and these ppl are getting away w/it…this needs to be dealt with what is the gov scared of??? as the great niece of HUGO BLACK an american supreme court justice,and the daughter of a navy man who served for 30 yrs for our country…u might as well spit in their faces…wth is going on???

  • abrar mahdaly

    actually, Islam is a religion that bless entire universe (rahmatan lil alamin), and there evil people who want to destroy Islam by creating new streams that are contrary to the teachings of Islam …

  • Eric Allen Bell

    There is more:


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