There are some great movies with math as a theme. An honorable mention is Aronofsky’s Pi: Faith in Chaos, which I have previously recommended. Here are two other great examples of foreign films that keep count.

Drowning by Numbers

Drowning By Numbers (1988) is written and directed by the British auteur, Peter Greenaway. Highly surreal and very crafty, the movie includes three generations of women who lose their husbands to drowning. Greenaway indulges the viewer with his love of math, sciences and the beauty of language. Included is the long-standing collaboration with Michael Nyman who composed many of Greenaway’s exquisite soundrtracks. Drowning By Numbers is a real gem.

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run (1999) is directed by Tom Tykwer. In multiple renditions, Lola must run to try and change outcomes in this inventive thriller. Her boyfriend is in need of money fast, and she is highly motivated to help. The stylized film is driven by an appropriately fast techno soundtrack. At the time, Run Lola Run rightly put Tom Tyker on the radar as a director who can create a fresh new look in cinema.

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