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Long Hair Don't Care

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Released last fall, Long Hair Don’t Care is the debut six-track EP (mixtapes aside) of De’Andre Davis, or The Real 2Four, a Nashville hip-hop artist and MTSU student who’s been working the music game for a couple years now. Backed by Juggernaut 24 Entertainment, 2Four still plays around Murfreesboro and Nashville, though his music has stretched across the airwaves as far as the UK.

With beats similar to those used by T.I. and a leveling voice and poetic rhymes reminiscent of Drake, Long Hair Don’t Care is a mixture of standouts and the standard with lyrics that waver between whimsical and serious.

On “Cloud Steppin’,” 2Four says “I transform like Michael Bay / Blow it up like Doomsday” while “Edgar Allen Poe” (and I have to point out that it is supposed to be “Allan”) has smoother, more lyrical leanings: “You’re pretty like a rose / And you’re the only one that doesn’t know / And I know you feel exposed / But girl, you are beautiful whichever way it goes / So go ahead and strike a pose / Or just treat it like a prose / Be poetic like the raven / Edgar Allen Poe.”

Mellow baby-making music punctuated with “yeahs” and “ahs,” even the tracks with more force like “Ballin’” don’t get too rough. Sensitive and nonabrasive but punchy, Long Hair Don’t Care is Nashville’s brand of hip-hop.

Look out for The Real 2Four’s next show and more information on Facebook.


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  • William

    Name was spelled that way to attract attention. Looks like it works. Great article!

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