Prices Would Be More Stable If We Used Silver or Gold

Dear Editor,

I would like to prevail upon your readers to give some thought to legalizing gold and silver as a medium of exchange, not subject to sales tax in Tennessee. Money should be a stable, convenient way to store the value of your time and talent or your goods and services, when sold, for such a time when you would like to purchase time and talent or goods and services. Gold, or silver, is such a medium.

Paper money that is created out of thin air may be convenient, but it is no longer a stable way to store value. In 1955 I could take silver or a paper dollar and it would purchase 4 gallons of gas at 25 cents a gallon. Today that silver dollar will purchase 9 gallons of $3.25 gas, but the paper dollar will only purchase one-third of a gallon of gas. The price of gas is only up 11 cents from 1955, to 36 cents a gallon today in real money. You see, prices have not gone up much; it is the value of paper money created out of thin air that has decreased in value and it takes more and more of it to make a purchase.

With the Federal Reserve Bank now creating money out of thin air in the trillions of dollars, it will lose value quite rapidly and our people will need a medium to store and transfer value, which is best done with gold and silver. Today, one silver dollar is worth 30 paper dollars; next year it may be worth 100 paper dollars. In case of a complete collapse of the paper dollar, we can help the people of Tennessee survive by giving them a medium of exchange that is convenient and stable.

The creation of money out of thin air is a form of stealing. Since the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913 they have stolen 98 cents out of each paper dollar in your pocket, your mattress, your savings account and your retirement account. Stealing is criminal and I believe God does not condemn people to an eternal hell, but he provides the way for people to condemn themselves to an eternal hell. But if they repent and change their ways and seek forgiveness, he will forgive them and grant them eternal bliss. It is up to each to choose.

Clarence Jaeger
2418 River Oaks Dr., Murfreesboro
(615) 893-1946


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