Coffee Talk: The “Summer Square” Edition

For those of you who may not have noticed, downtown Murfreesboro has recently seen two new additions: a new coffee shop (Reveille Joe) and a shop for tea (PositiffiTEA’s Tiny Tea Factory). Each business is operated by two of the nicest people you’ll meet in the ‘Boro, and each business provides a much-needed breath of fresh air for our fair city, much like Pa Bunk’s Natural Market & Cafe, and each business is a testament to the owner’s love of Murfreesboro and a desire to positively affect the community.

One of the missions of the Pulse is to support the community, and we do so in part by announcing and welcoming new businesses. One can view Rutherford County as one large garden, in which the seeds of change and prosperity are planted, blossoming into beautiful and lucrative ideas. But this is a garden that requires much attention, as it cannot flourish without the nourishment of patronage. Our community is defined by people who support a cause enough to show up.

Reveille Joe and PositiffiTEA are two wonderful businesses, but too many wonderful businesses come and go with the change of the season because they weren’t offered enough support. It makes one ask, “Do you like local businesses? Would you like to see them succeed? Do you like having coffee and tea shops downtown, participating directly in the financial well-being of our community?”

Then stop by. Say “hello.” Buy a drink. Leave a tip. And most importantly, let these businesses know that you care by chatting with the owners and supporting, be it socially or otherwise.

A variety of loose-leaf and bagged teas are available at positiffitea.com

121 S. Church St.
Owner Tiffany Malapanes

Chai Berry Bliss – (4 stars) Refreshing!
Cinna-Orange Tiger Tea – (3.5 stars) A solid tea worth drinking again. The taste of cinnamon doesn’t necessarily come out with the tea served plain. I would recommend adding something (sugar, etc.) to make the cinnamon “pop.” Definitely a tea worth experimenting with.
Rooted Raspberry Green Tea (5 stars) Fantastic! Just as it sounds. A really nice tea that you could drink year-round. The flavors are dynamic enough to stand apart, but still complement each other. I would recommend this blend for people who don’t normally drink tea.
Sweet Boro Tea (3.5 stars) Not a bad brew warm, but I would actually recommend serving this chilled. Maybe with lemon?

Reveille Joe’s iced Southern Pecan

Reveille Joe
113 N. Maple St.
Owner: Matthew O’Dell

Reveille Reserve – (3.5 stars) A good, simple brew. Once again, we have another drink that would be a good introduction for someone who doesn’t drink brewed beverages. I will say that there’s not much of a bite to this coffee, but that’s not a bad thing.
Southern Pecan – (4.5 stars) I cannot recommend this drink enough. Brewed just like tea, it’s sweet, but not too heavy. For the summer, I would actually recommend this as a post-breakfast drink. Come fall, however, I think this will be one of the most popular drinks on the Square.
Guatemalan Blend – (4 stars) My preference over the Reveille Reserve. It has a slight bitterness, which I enjoyed.


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I'm a contributing writer for the Murfreesboro Pulse. I'm also a filmmaker and a founding member of the MTSU Film Guild. My interests include screenwriting, producing, coffee, beer and philosophy. I'm a huge fan of films, particularly horror, action, science fiction and crime.

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