From the Lesson Room to the Avenue: Johnny Guitar’s students rock at fifth annual Johnaroo

Chelsea Lawson

Chelsea Lawson

Joey Onkst

Joey Onkst. Photos by Rachel Robison Photography

Johnny Guitar’s fifth annual live music event featuring its students is coming up on Sat., Aug. 17. Johnnaroo will be held at Central Park in the Avenue beginning at 11 a.m. running until approximately 2 p.m., and attendees are urged to bring lawn chairs and arrive early for good seats.

Some new kids will be joining many returning performers from last year at the event. This year will feature four bands, all of whom have been practicing for six or more weeks.

Johnnaroo is the “highlight of the year,” said Terri Fitzgerald, co-owner of Johnny Guitar’s. Terri runs many of the programs that are offered by Johnny Guitar’s and has a big hand in the Johnnaroo experience.

The kids who participate in Johnnaroo work hard to learn their music from start to finish. No music stands are used during the show. The youngest participant this year is 7 years old; Aiden Eisinga will actually be coming back this year for a second time on drums.

While previous Johnnaroo years have held themes, this year will also be unique in content. All lead or co-lead singers this year are female, which is something that has never happened before.

“The girls are going to rule the bands this year,” Terri said.

The Avenue has been a great support for Johnny Guitar’s since they began holding the event there, organizers say. This year though, Johnnaroo has a sponsor. BombShells Hair Studio has donated to make the event even more exciting for the kids. T-shirts are being made for the first time this year, and participating kids also get a CD recording and a DVD photo album of Johnnaroo 2013.

Bob and Terri Fitzgerald do not make a lot of money from this event, they say, but it gets the kids comfortable playing music and playing in front of people.

“I love doing this; it’s fantastic,” Terri said.

Anyone interested in music lessons can contact Johnny Guitar’s at (615) 896-5151. The Avenue is located at 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro.

Rhett McDonald has performed in every one of the Johnnaroo concerts

Rhett McDonald has performed in every one of the Johnnaroo concerts


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