Branching Out: My Roots Offers Gourmet Tastes to the Food Truck Scene

The last decade has seen a tremendous change in our city’s dining options. As Murfreesboro has grown, so have our restaurants. Murfreesboro has provided us some great restaurants, but is still growing past the phase of basic chains and meat-and-threes. As is always the case with evolution in any culture, people are finding ways to do more with less. Bypassing the traditional model, many restaurateurs are now realizing that food trucks are outlets that let them offer many more ways to prepare food.

Of the many ways to make food, one of the best ways is the Wong way.

Anthony Wong, owner and operator of the My Roots food truck, came from a family of food lovers. Wong had a very simple dream: he wanted to bring the same fun flavors of fair food to the good people of Rutherford County with his own unique flair of Cantonese-Italian fusion. Having started off as the Broad Street Eats food truck, Wong wasn’t mobile at the time of operation, and operated under maroon and yellow colors.

Anthony Wong, owner and operator of My Roots Curbside Cullinary.

Anthony Wong, owner and operator of My Roots Curbside Cuisine.

“Everyone thought I was a barbecue place”, Wong shares “so I had to change colors.” After becoming mobile and changing his colors to the current bright green with blue highlights, Wong started to up his game, changing the menu and shopping for fresh ingredients every day at Sinking Creek Farm. Combine that with a sparkling score from the health department (whom he commends for doing a great job and caring about the community), and it’s very easy to understand My Roots’ popularity with the foodie crowd. Be it with the workingman lunches or signature dishes like the Mayday ‘Boro Blonde Onion Rings, the menu offered is a one-of-a-kind selection of delectable items that celebrates the interests of fast and well-crafted foods.

We at the Pulse were lucky enough to get to sample some of Anthony’s food.

Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls
Fried mac & cheese is a food familiar to many fair-goers. But with its mass production, lack of texture, and frozen-foods origins, many fried mac & cheese items leave something to be desired. After moving away from the spring roll wrappers, My Roots offers a hand-rolled, flaky appetizer made with elbow macaroni and sharp Wisconsin cheddar. It’s a warm, golden taste that is best appreciated by watching it made right in front of you. Amazing.

Grilled cheese with locally grown tomato and basil

Grilled cheese with locally grown tomato and basil

The Gimmie-Gimmie-Cheese Cheeseburger with hand cut fries.

The Gimmie-Gimmie -Cheese Cheeseburger with hand cut fries.

As for the veggie spring rolls, they’re no slouch in the taste department. Featuring fresh local cabbage and basil, you can actually have your rolls built custom, just the way you want. Add a drop of Sriracha sauce, and you’re in business.

Meat Skewers
Meat on a stick. This is a very simple dish that still somehow manages to be more sophisticated than what one may expect. The tender nature of the meat means that its fibers have the same delicacy you would expect with fish. There’s a bit of a spicy finish to the pork. It’s a friendly heat that adds to the ginger root and black bean, two fixtures of the cooking of Wong’s grandfather. Wong’s claim that the meat itself doesn’t need anything can be verified for yourself.

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter/Caramel Supreme Cake
“Doesn’t that name say it all?” asks Anthony, referring to this decadent dessert-monster made lovingly by his wife. This is perhaps one of the best desserts I have had in the area. It’s heavy, sweet and delicious, with a thick crust, and something you would not expect out of any food truck. When we shared our love for this, we were pleased to learn that Wong’s wife has dreams of operating her own food truck. The dessert’s only possible drawback is that it might be a little too heavy if you order anything else.

Overall, My Roots is a fantastic food truck that serves first-rate fare. My Roots is currently offering lunch specials at BAM Customs, 524 Old Salem Highway. You can call them to place an order at (251) 509-6562 or via the My Roots Curbside Culinary Facebook page.


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