2014 Nashville Film Festival Interview: Matteo Servente, Part of Your Heat

Part of Your Heart, by Matteo Servente

How would you describe your film?
To quote one of the reviews I read about my short: “a film more about the confusion of losing a loved one than about confrontation.”

What challenges did you/your crew encounter while making the movie?
Very few. It was one of the rare occasions when everything seems to fall into place almost effortlessly.

How long have you been working in motion pictures?
10 years

In the process of film-making, how much of the creativity is found in production? How much improvisation do you find on set?
In general I’m very open to improvisation and certainly I try to keep an open mind to finding inspiration on set. There’s only so much that you can predict in pre-prod.

What attracted you to the medium of film?
I’ve always loved watching films and have always been curious about the process of making them.

What would you say of the place motion pictures have in our culture?
It depends on what pictures. Blockbusters have too big a space. Indie films, too little.

What makes a great movie? What elements do you think an audience should look to appreciate?
As obvious as it is, a great story is what it takes. Only after, good actors and talented crews come into play. And very often production design is not given the right importance.

How did you learn your craft?
Film school and field work.

What themes do you like to explore in film?
People’s interactions with each other and themselves.

What inspires/influences you?
I try to get inspiration by observing simple every day moments.

Are there any particular genres you favor over others?
Not really.

In terms of motion picture production, what would you like to see from the state of Tennessee? What advantages does the state currently have, and how do you think it could improve?
Tennessee has got a long way to go if it wants to compete with some other states close by. A lot of talented filmmakers are here and it’d be a shame to lose some because it’s more convenient to make films elsewhere.

On what projects are you currently working?
I have a feature script in development.

What advice do you have to aspiring filmmakers?
I am an aspiring filmmaker, so I’m open to getting advice more than giving it.

What do you see for the future of storytelling through motion pictures?
The future of storytelling is bright because of how accessible the medium has become.


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