• Directed by Mike Brune
  • Starring John Curran, Rhoda Griffs, Adam Fristoe, Jack McGee
  • Rated N/R
1.5 pulses


After a family mysteriously loses one of their sons, a unit of detectives takes residence with the family in their expansive search to find the missing child.

This film takes an obvious cue from Airplane! Despite this and the occasional chuckle-worthy gag, there’s really not much to this film. It is this critic’s opinion that the tone and content of the film do not match whatsoever. Making a successful film about losing a child must obviously be executed in a fashion that acknowledges the heartbreak of such a loss. But comedy only requires respect to be paid internally, and not in the actual punchline. Had the motion picture been painted in a pitch-black hue—instead of a timidity that becomes redundant, then the audience’s efforts would have been reciprocated.

The lead, John Curran, is fully capable of plunging the script into a moral abyss, but he really isn’t given much to work with here.

Congratulations! is pretty underwhelming.


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I'm a contributing writer for the Murfreesboro Pulse. I'm also a filmmaker and a founding member of the MTSU Film Guild. My interests include screenwriting, producing, coffee, beer and philosophy. I'm a huge fan of films, particularly horror, action, science fiction and crime.

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