Summer with Sugaree’s, Some Hot Looks for 2014

Fashion website From Elsewear collaborated with local boutique Sugaree’s to create three looks for summer.

Styled and photographed by: Jami Creel
Model: Taylor Woodford

All of these pieces can be found at Sugaree’s, located at 122 S. Maple St., Murfreesboro.

Top trends this season: overalls, kimonos and sheer fabrics

Breezy Babe: (Pictured above) Sugarhill coral dress, Sans Souci sheer kimono, vintage hat

Chic Over-All: Sugarhill overalls, Poppy Lux Floral sheer tank, The Gypsy Fawn bracelet

Sugarees_FromElsewear (3)

Clean Onyx: Poppy Lux black long-sleeve dress, jewelry-The Gypsy Fawn

Sugarees_FromElsewear (1)

For more fashion inspiration, check out FromElsewear.com.


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