August 2014


August Community Events
Foster parent classes, Pigskin Pre-game, Quilt Tour, Kids Triathalon


August Concerts

Karaoke, Trivia, DJ & Bingo Nights
Places to go for fun with friends

Gratifly Inspires us to be the Change
Festival included music, yoga, agriculture and more.

Music Notes
I Am What I Am
Gospel Benefit
OD Rap Tour Hits Social
Muddy Roots
Legalization Benefit
Gordon Mote


Restaurant Review: The Blue Cactus
Area eatery serves fusion of Southwest and Cajun

Double Star Bar Farm
Peaches, blackberries, asparagus are just the beginning


August Gardening
Getting that fall garden started, plus a look at the monarch

Can You Canoe?
Wartrace outfit offers wonderful, leisurely summer kayak and canoe rides down the scenic Duck River


The Anthropology of Tattooing
MTSU course explores the history of skin art

Artist Profile: Hayden Combs
A look at some of the tattoo artist’s work

August Art Happenings
Canines by Art Gowden; Jeff Bertrand; Miranda Leek


Guardians of the Galaxy

The Mayor of MacDougal Street

Living Room Cinema
Female Trouble: Early Impersonation


MTSU Sports Quickcap
Fan Day Aug. 10, first game Aug. 30

Sports Talk with Z-Train
Run, Sankey! 2014 season, and fantasy, almost here

Why Diets Don’t Work
All calories are not created equal


The Stockard Report
Poor strategy Links “Slim Shady” and Lester

Phil Valentine
Texas taking border security into its own hands

Music Through the Decades
The Radio Days of the 1930s

Four Steps to Organizational Success
Strategic planning & foresight

Special Election Coverage
A look at the Senator Lamar Alexandar’s voting record.


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