Female Trouble: Early Impersonation

I have had the good fortune of knowing a hodgepodge of alternate-gender-seeking individuals. As it turns out, there can be a variety of complexities surrounding someone’s personal identity. This month’s column is dedicated to all of the ongoing struggles and achievements toward the expression of self.

Beautiful Darling (2010) is directed by James Rasin. The documentary chronicles the life of James Slattery, who chose to live her life as actress Candy Darling during the 1960s and 1970s. Spoiler alert: a man could be arrested for impersonating a woman in those days. Candy Darling was the performing darling for Andy Warhol, and even for the renowned playwright Tennessee Williams. She has inspired a multitude of songs, and lots of personal journeys.

I Am Divine (2013) is a documentary directed by Jeffrey Schwarz. Harris Glenn Milstead’s arguable notoriety as the world’s most famous drag queen, Divine, really took off after her unforgettable performance in Pink Flamingos. Divine didn’t just appear in the movies of John Waters. She had a stage career, and even chose roles as a male. She mostly performed as Divine, but he lived his life as Glenn.


I am Divine (2013)

I am Divine (2013)


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