Meditate on the Life You Want: Your Subconscious Can Help Build Your Dreams

Can success consciousness be instilled into a mind already filled with a record of failure?

Think of your mind as your architect and your brain as your engineer.

Nothing moves in your body until the brain tells it to, and the mind tells the brain what to do. When you get out of bed, your mind made that decision, and the brain started sending signals to all the right muscles to enable you to do so.

When you come to know your own mind and live your own life, you can wipe out a record of failure just as surely as you can erase the message on a tape recorder, leaving a wonderfully receptive tape—or mind—to receive new and better impressions.

The subconscious mind is everything, contains everything, knows everything, and therefore can do anything. All it needs is suggestion. All matter, all substance, all knowledge, exist within it, and it rearranges them according to suggestion. And hypnotism is the first concrete way in which man has been able to reveal and study the working of this mind.

Now, where does the power of this subconscious mind cease? If you tell a sick man’s subconscious that he is well and he becomes well, if you tell an injured man’s subconscious that he feels no pain and he feels none, does this perhaps mean that you can tell an unsuccessful man that he will become successful? It most certainly does. Given the proper suggestion, the subconscious mind will manifest success from failure, health from disease, prosperity from poverty, friendship and love from loneliness and isolation. For nothing is impossible to the subconscious mind and it operates entirely by suggestion.

Geniuses are people who have learned to use more of their minds, and use them in a special way. We all have that potential.

We live in an imaginary world. Your whole world has been created by your imagination. Think how beautiful this is. If the world all around you has been created by your imagination, and if you don’t like it, then you can create your world as you want it to be. You are the only creator in the universe.

You were created and given free will to create your life as you want it to be. You were given the law of attraction, which is the greatest law in the universe. What you think and believe will be created by your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind was put in charge of your body and your life. It takes care of your heartbeat, your breathing, your blood flow, your digestion, all of your involuntary nerve system, but your conscious mind is the boss. If you think and believe in sickness, the subconscious mind will create sickness for you. Think good health and it will create good health for you; think successful thoughts or failure, and either way it will create the things you think about most in your life.

Hypnosis can help you build the patterns in your mind, brain and circumstances that you want in your life.


About the Author

M.C. Radford will answer any questions on the mind, brain, body, spirit, hypnosis, cybernetics, parapsychology or metaphysics. He can help eliminate smoking, excess weight, fears and phobias, sexual problems, insomnia, anxiety, stage fright and other issues from your life. For improved confidence, motivation and concentration, and to take control over your life, body and mind, contact Radford today at (615) 351-2939. “Poverty is a mental illness.”

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