Hippie Hill Goes Heavy Metal, Metal Fest Set for March 27–28

The fire crackles and chicken sizzles as Hippie and Mama Jeanie welcome Pennsylvanias Whiskeyhickon Boys to a Kitchen Jam at Hippie Hill, located in Christiana, Tenn.

Hippie and Mama Jeanie help run and organize Helping Hungry Kids on their property, known simply as Hippie Hill. They feed 30 to 40 people every day, and they house anyone seeking shelter.

When asked why music has been the best outlet for their organization, Mama Jeanie said, “Well, The Beatles did it, and they brought peace to this world, so I think that we can do the same.”

Every couple months they have Kitchen Jams, where bands stop by to entertain and have delicious meals cooked by Hippie Hill residents.

“It’s hard to keep everyone warm,” Hippie said. Kitchen Jams, along with major annual events and the help of local churches and outreaches such as Greenhouse Ministries, provide donations to maintain the upkeep of Hippie Hill.

When asked about the Hippie Hill experience, Mama Jeanie said, “The only way that you are going to find out is to come and experience Hippie Hill for yourself.”

There is no better time to visit than March 27 and 28, during Hippie Hill’s 4th annual Metal Fest. Last year, over 150 people attended Metal Fest, but Mama Jeanie said that they will be expecting larger crowds this year due to the featured bands: Lowkey, a band from New York, and Fate of Adam from Middle Tennessee.

Fate of Adam

Fate of Adam

Tickets are $25, which includes camping for the weekend. There will be food and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Other metal bands performing include Daisy Cutter, All or Nothing and Darkhound.

So come on out to the Hill and take part in some peace, love and music; Hippie and Mama Jeanie can’t wait to see ya!

Hippie Hill is located at 8627 Burks Hollow Rd., Christiana. Click here for more on Hippie Hill.

For more information on the Whiskeyhickon Boys, visit whiskeyhickonboys.com; for more information on Lowkey, visit facebook.com/Lowkeyny; for more information on Fate of Adam, visit facebook.com/fateofadam.


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