How Hypnosis Can Work for You, Some Case Histories from M.C. Radford

How do I eliminate stress?
Case history: Patty J. seemed almost a hopeless case—at least to herself. She had been recently divorced and left with two small children. She was working two jobs in a frantic effort to make ends meet. With all these pressures overwhelming her, she often took out her frustrations in physically abusing her children. She came to Dr. Radford in an effort to get a hold on herself. He explained that she and her children were on the same wavelength. Whenever she became upset, the children picked up on her feelings and were unmanageable, which made her even more upset, and resulted in a vicious circle. The change, Dr. Radford pointed out, must come from Patty herself. Under hypnosis, he then taught her how to relax subconsciously, despite whatever situation she found herself in. Her problems with her children soon showed a great improvement.

How can hypnosis help with sex problems?
Case history: Ann T. had been totally frigid for the entire 13 years of her marriage. At last, her husband, unable to stand it any longer, began going out with other women. In a final effort to save her marriage, Ann came to Dr. M.C. Radford. Under hypnosis she was taken back to when she was 3 years old and had inadvertently walked in on her parents making love. Thinking her father was hurting her mother, she became deathly afraid of sex from that moment on. Dr. Radford expelled her fears and filled her mind with suggestions of the beauty and happiness of married love. After only one session Ann was then able to enjoy normal sexual relations.

How can hypnosis improve sales?
Case history: Joe R. was impersonating a salesman. I say “impersonating” because that’s exactly what he was doing: merely going through the motions of calling on clients, making his half-hearted pitch and then inevitably being turned down. Faced with the loss of his job, he turned to Dr. Radford, who quickly deduced that Joe had a chronic inferiority complex and a total lack of confidence. In the course of their conversation Joe even revealed that he was so afraid of failure that he would call on clients actually hoping they weren’t in. It took several sessions, but Dr. Radford was able to eradicate Joe’s pathetic inferiority and instill in him a confidence that enabled him to become one of his company’s leading salesmen. Joe then went on to learn self-hypnosis in order to always keep his confidence at the desired level.

How does hypnosis work with weight loss?
Case history (from Bettye W.): Dear Mr. Radford, I had almost given up hope of losing the 40 extra pounds which I gained about three years ago until I came to your clinic to learn to control my weight through self-hypnosis. I had tried everything I could think of. I went to Weight Watchers, took diet pills and even tried behavior therapy at a local hospital. None of these things worked. Since I started to your clinic about three months ago I have lost the 40 pounds, and am still losing easily and without being hungry. I even have more energy. The tape you gave me to listen to each day between sessions has helped immensely. I have received many extra benefits from these sessions. I have a more relaxed attitude toward life and I am becoming more outgoing. I had been an extremely shy person most of my life, and felt quite handicapped by this shyness and inability to engage in conversations with others. Since coming to your clinic for treatment, I have become much more sociable and less shy. Everyone around me notices the changes. I still have some areas in my personality with which I need help. I intend to keep working on those areas, for I now have the confidence to believe I can improve myself much more.

Closing thoughts, from M.C. Radford: There are two kinds of people on earth today—just two kinds of people, no more, I say—not the good and the bad, for it is well understood the good are half bad, and the bad are half good. Not the happy and sad, not the rich and the poor or the humble and proud. No, the two kinds of people I mean are the people who lift, and the people who lean. Wherever you go you will find the world’s masses are ever divided in just these two classes and strangely enough it seems there is only one lifter for every 20 who lean.


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M.C. Radford will answer any questions on the mind, brain, body, spirit, hypnosis, cybernetics, parapsychology or metaphysics. He can help eliminate smoking, excess weight, fears and phobias, sexual problems, insomnia, anxiety, stage fright and other issues from your life. For improved confidence, motivation and concentration, and to take control over your life, body and mind, contact Radford today at (615) 351-2939. “Poverty is a mental illness.”

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