Who Wants to Be Common?

Be sure to see who sponsored and funded the Common Core movement in the U.S.; it was funded largely by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They hired one primary consulting firm that was largely responsible for its present structure and contents. Were they diagnosticians, certified teachers, superintendents or educational experts? Not really. They were mostly hired consultants.

As a certified teacher, principal, counselor and superintendent, and as an experienced, board certified medical psychotherapist, I’ve learned from my past training and experience that creativity (or C.Q.) is not easily developed in any “average or common curriculum,” especially in One Common Movement. Neither is true intelligence (or I.Q.), be it spiritual or psychological. The Common Core, in my expert opinion, will be devastating to the development of both C.Q. and I.Q. in our students and communities, as well as in the states or schools that follow it.

You can watch and see. It will be another flop. . . .

“If Common Sense is Uncommon, Common Core is Nonsense”

Who Really Wants to be Common?
In every season, there is “the common cold”
While some live day to day, most people just grow old
Living in “moments of time, not timeless moments . . .”
Still with the average all around us, a common life unfolds
Then, we’re told we must have Common Sense
Yet, Thomas Paine taught common sense is “Uncommon”
It comes only with critical and creative thinking . . .

History’s proven teaching must flow from God’s hope, faith and love
Scripture says “the (reverential) fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”
For hidden reasons, now everything holy or godly is supplanted . . .
By faulty doctrines of evolution, humanism or sex education
The Feds’ policies erode our rights to life, liberty and happiness
By destroying the values of our Republic and its currency
They must think this is no longer a government “of, by and for the people”
Now most schools are ordered to teach “the Common Core”
Even though it’s not the essence of God’s hope, faith and love
Instead, it’s merely at its core “a mandate for mediocrity . . .”
Or a mandate to not think freely and creatively
Who really wants to be common, average or ordinary?
Does anyone seek to be unique, special or extraordinary?
Doesn’t the Bible say we are “wonderfully and fearfully made?”

“Why ask why?” if such mandates make our creative thinker die?
It may cause the Maker of Heaven and Earth to ask us why . . .
Why bother to please ourselves or others, if we dishonor God?
Do we wonder “Why is America dishonoring God’s Word?”
“Why is violence increasing in our schools and elsewhere?”
“Why are so many teenagers giving up and wanting to die?”
“Why do bad things happen to good people” or “Why bother to ask why?”

Emerson asked: “What is the most difficult task in all the world?”
Answer by learning to trust, forgive, communicate and love
How would you answer Emerson?
What is the purpose of life if I lack the resources to achieve it?
Life’s “raison d’être” discovers true meaning only outside of Itself.
Yet it is the essence of why God calls us all to excellence
Only by loving and by thinking freely does it become real . . .
So what is it, you might ask, “If it is not the Common Core . . .”
If one wishes to be great, said the greatest Lord of all
Seek not to be great, rather seek to be “a servant helper”
For he that is greatest anywhere is servant of all . . .
“We can do no great things in life,” said Mother Teresa,
“But only small things with great love.”

Take three examples from recent times, just three
Let’s ask ourselves what’ve they given us freely?
These three, Billy Graham, Obama and Mother Teresa
How’ve they helped, served or eased us?
How’ve they loved us or set us free?
From trials, hardship, economic slavery or poverty?
Have they helped us to be servants of all?

Rejoice, for “Truth is, regardless of our perception of it”
Here lies the secret to abundant living:
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”
There’s no meaning on earth or in heaven above
Without God’s perfect hope, faith and love . . .
How have these values served us or set us free?
How have we demonstrated God’s unfailing love?
Answer by declaring in winter, spring, summer and fall:
“Who’s been, and is, the greatest servant of all?”


About the Author

Dr. Jonathan Z+ is a psychotherapist, poet and author, the CEO and Health, Education and Wellness Medicine commissioner with the American Council on Excellence, and the founder of the American College of Wellness Doctors.

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