Adventure Alert: Pulse Expedition to Kentucky Aims to Uncover Evidence of Bigfoot

The Murfreesboro Pulse is backing an expedition to search for evidence of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot in the national forest lands of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The endeavor, led by myself and followed by a team of handpicked individuals, enjoys the material and financial support of several local businesses in addition to the Pulse. These sponsors so far include: MOAB, Strong Body Nutrition, Murfreesboro Outdoors, Better Days Barbeque, Legacy Ink, Sasquatch Mountain Tactical and Nobody’s Grill and BBQ, with the list continuing to grow.



We will be guiding readers during next few months along our quest to the edge of discovery as my team investigates alleged Sasquatch reports and attempts to make history with what will possibly be the greatest discovery of our century. The Pulse Expedition Team will depart from Murfreesboro on Oct. 16 and return on the 18th.

Our targeted area has been a hotbed of reported sightings in recent months. Coupled with my own experiences at this location, we have a basis to pursue further evidence of a creature, which has yet to be officially recognized by science, through the deployment of both traditional and highly experimental techniques. Notwithstanding, we are cognizant that many such past expeditions have turned up little to no evidence and recognize that our efforts may yield only a chance to eat some really good barbecue while enjoying fall in the great outdoors, a risk we are all willing to take in the name of science.

Stay tuned for more details to come. Follow on twitter @CameronParrish_, on Instagram @semperexplorandum, and keep up with #pulseexpedition updates.


About the Author

I’m an investigator with a savage curiosity for the unexplained, a thirst for adventure and a passion for travel. Sometimes I write. If you have similar interests you can visit my blog @ http://exploretheunexplained.blogspot.com or follow me on twitter@CameronParrish_

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  • Seamusmcweeny

    If such creatures exists, what do the researchers think would be the food source for such a group of large animals in an ecosystem like Kentucky’s? Vegetation?

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