Agents for Change

It is very beneficial when driven people shine a light on social ills and act accordingly to cure the sickness. Here are some great examples in documentary form.

Harlan County, USA (1976) is directed by Barbara Kopple. This documentary exposes the woes of the coal miner as he fights against the all-powerful coal company for his basic rights and safety. Being true to labor traditions, the folk- music soundtrack is superbly on point with the story. Watch while corruption and real violence are heroically captured in this very important work.

I Am Femen (2014)

I Am Femen (2014)

I Am Femen
(2014) is directed by Alain Margot. Oksana Shachko and her feminist compatriots passionately protest against patriarchy and numerous instances of corruption throughout the Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe. They are able to garner worldwide attention because their exposed breasts are adorned with inflammatory slogans as they demonstrate ways to utilize other provocative tactics.

The Times of Harvey Milk (1983)

The Times of Harvey Milk (1983)

The Times of Harvey Milk
(1983) is directed by Robert Epstein. A small business owner in San Francisco’s Castro District rose into a citywide political position in the late 1970s. Harvey Milk stood for many issues but was most controversial for his unapologetic stance on gay rights. His life ended prematurely, and what came in the wake of his death was equally as dramatic.


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