Expedition Aims to Find Evidence of Bigfoot; Team Leader Says Creature May Possess Ability to Disappear

Cameron Parrish, a Murfreesboro resident, explorer and adventure enthusiast, will lead an excursion into the dark woods of Kentucky this fall with the mission of locating evidence of Bigfoot.

Set for Oct. 16–18, Parrish and his diverse and talented team aim to find and cast a footprint of the legendary beast, or perhaps collect even more solid evidence of this large hairy being. While some may meet the expedition’s goals with laughter, Parrish is serious about his belief that this elusive creature is out there.

Murfreesboro Pulse: What first sparked your interest in Bigfoot?
Cameron Parrish:
My interest in Bigfoot began at a young age as I discovered books in the library on the topic and began to read eyewitness accounts. I couldn’t understand why so many people had no interest in finding out the truth regarding this phenomenon or simply dismissed all of the claims made throughout history.

What will your team’s plan be on this Kentucky excursion to uncover evidence and get closer to this creature?
We will be applying both high- and low-tech approaches to gathering evidence but I can’t share specifics out of concern that certain agencies might attempt to hamper our efforts. I believe higher level officials in our federal government are actually aware of the Bigfoot issue and would rather it remain unfound.



With numerous organizations already out there dedicated to “finding Bigfoot,” why have none been successful recently?
Finding evidence suggesting the existence of Bigfoot happens fairly regularly in the form of tracks and vocalizations. However, finding evidence that will satisfy the scientific community and the general public is more difficult to acquire because of flawed methodologies, challenges presented by the creature’s habitat and the overall intelligence of the Bigfoot. Native Americans also believed it has the ability to disappear. This may be true in some way that we don’t quite understand.

Do you think Bigfoot is a simple carnivorous beast? An intelligent being with advanced communication skills? A descendant of angels or aliens?
Nothing can be stated with absolute certainty but the evidence and reported descriptions of behavior exhibited by these creatures indicates that they are an intelligent species. The estimated cranial capacity and bi-pedal locomotion also suggests this and is consistent with the beliefs of indigenous peoples who almost without exception acknowledge their existence.

What do you tell those who say Bigfoot is a myth, that there’s nothing out there, and that all land creatures of his size have been discovered?
I usually cite examples such as the Panda bear and Mountain Gorilla, which were both once considered to be purely the stuff of legend even as recently as the early 20th century. Then I would point out the volumes of eyewitness testimony we have dating back several centuries. And finally I’d also share with them that both the Chinese and Russian governments have acknowledged the existence of such creatures within their own borders.

Why do you explore?
I explore to learn the truth and because it’s in my nature to seek things which are hidden and secret. I also enjoy the physical challenge involved and refining my skills as an outdoorsman. I’m also a travel enthusiast and have a passion for going new places.

What other mysteries do you plan to look into in the future?
I intend to continue the search for Bigfoot type species both in the United States and am considering a spring trip to Florida to search for the Skunk Ape as well as seek sponsorship for expeditions abroad to search places like Canada, Indonesia and possibly Nepal. I also investigate locations with a high number of UFO sightings in addition to my plans to continue collecting paranormal stories from Spain eventually Cuba.


Pick up the next edition of the Pulse for a report on the expedition’s findings. Remember, those who discovered some of the greatest finds in history were considered “on the fringe” until their discovery was made or their hypothesis confirmed.

Semper Explorandum!



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