Meat and Sports: For Chicken Tenders, Ribs, Burgers, Pizzas and More, Head to Sam’s Sports Grill

Aside from the occasional hockey game, I don’t enjoy watching sports. I really don’t enjoy watching sports on TV or in person. But, I also realize that I am in the minority on this and that many of my friends and loved ones do enjoy sports, including my husband. As a compromise, I will go to sports bars and eat good food and people-watch while my husband and friends get their sports-watching needs met. One such sports bar in the Murfreesboro area that I enjoy going to is Sam’s Sports Grill.

This place is pretty big, decorated in what I call “man-cave chic”—there are one or two of those huge metal-blade fans, lots of awesome model planes hanging from the ceiling, tacky signs and old license plates hanging on the walls and, of course, no man cave would be complete without a few creepy taxidermied animals on the wall, right? There are plenty of those, many with horns, along with dozens of huge TVs, always playing a myriad of athletic contests so that any seat in the place has a good vantage point.

RIbs & Chicken Tenders Platter with Steamed Broccoli

RIbs and Chicken Tenders Platter with Steamed Broccoli


Sam’s also has a cozy covered porch for sitting outdoors when the weather is pleasant. Every time that I have been here, the service has been mostly excellent (there were a few not-so-good experiences, but everyone has bad days). They can also handle large parties with ease, something I put to the test recently by eating lunch there on Labor Day with about 25 adults and 8 kids. One server handled our whole group and she did an amazing job.

Chorizo Queso Dip; Fish Tacos

Chorizo Queso Dip; Fish Tacos


The food is pretty standard bar food with a couple of twists, but most things are quite tasty. They have an array of appetizers to choose from, including chorizo queso dip, which is delicious. They also have several different types of burgers, sandwiches and wraps, even salads. I frequently get the chicken fingers, which are hand-battered and have never disappointed. The ribs are always a solid choice, as the meat falls off the bone, and the sauce they use is very good.

The pizzas are a big hit with my kids. The chicken nachos are excellent, but the fish tacos are not that great; they are a little bland, the amount of meat you get on them is meager, and generally fish tacos do not have shredded cheddar cheese on them.

Southwest Chicken Salad

Southwest Chicken Salad


The Southwest Chicken Salad, while tasty, is suffering from an identity crisis and perhaps should be named Asian Chicken Salad or something similar. As far as dessert goes, if you still have room for it, or if you are watching an entire game, the monster chocolate chip cookie, baked in a skillet and topped with ice cream, is delightful.

The beer selection, both on tap and in bottles, is extensive, with something for everyone. They also have a full bar, of course, for those who want something a little stronger to drink while eating their burger and watching all of the sporting on the TVs.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to watch sports, but not wanting to cook, or just need a good meal after shopping at Stones River Mall, head over to Sam’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Sam’s Sports Grill
1720 Old Fort Pkwy.
11 a.m.–2 a.m. every day
(615) 904-6464


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