Too Hot, Mistreated Islands and the Art Studio Tour All Featured at Todd Gallery

What’s it like to be overlooked and disregarded, or to experience the sting of cultural stereotype as a minority, in America or around the world? Too Hot and Mistreated Islands is a dual exhibition opening in the Todd Art Gallery, opening Wednesday, Oct. 14. On display through Nov. 5, it features the work of Vitus Shell and Yoshiko Shimano and addresses that very subject. Also, opening in October in the new TAG | West, an adjacent chamber gallery, is an exhibition featuring the work of the craft-artists of the Murfreesboro Art Studio Tour.

Vitus Shell, hailing from Monroe, La., describes himself as a southern hip-hop visual artist.

“My work merges painting, drawing and printmaking, examines current issues in African American perception, and challenges the viewer to rethink how we perceive race,” he says.

Striving to address the gap that exists between the older and younger generations, Shell approaches his work through exploration of the factors that contribute to the gap. Often, that compels his examination of the parallels between present-day behaviors and attitudes that date back to African roots, compelling viewers to reconsider what is stereotypically considered “black.” Shell will be available to the public during the opening and for lecture and demonstration during the two days that follow.

"MISTREATED ISLANDS" by Yoshiko Shimano

“MISTREATED ISLANDS” by Yoshiko Shimano


Yoshiko Shimano earned her M.F.A. at Mills College in Oakland, Calif. Born in Tokyo, Japan, she is currently a professor of printmaking at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

“I am moved when human beings continue to live with pride and hope even under difficult circumstances like wars, natural disasters, poverty or discrimination in its many aspects toward minority groups . . . the beauty that can come from fragility, sadness and the weakness of being a human being,” she states. My ‘Mistreated Islands’ is about islands around the world that are becoming a cause of political conflict. These works address the discrimination and neglect focused on their residents, who by chance live there; thus the people living on these islands become minorities.”

And, in TAG | West, announces Eric Snyder, spokesman for the Todd Art Gallery, “We’re pleased to also offer the Art Studio Tour sampler to the MTSU and broader community this year. The Studio Tour has deep roots with MTSU. If you look at the 12 participating studios you’ll find former art professors and alums.”

"For Women on 3-11-2011" by Yoshiko Shimano

“For Women on 3-11-2011” by Yoshiko Shimano


Alan Daigre, President of the Stones River Crafts Association, which operates the Studio Tour, adds, “All of the artists on the tour are excited to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to show our work at Todd Art Gallery. We hope that through this exhibit interested students will have the chance to make connections with local artists and gain a broader understanding of all of the aspects of making art as a livelihood. As working artists,” adds Daigre, “we recognize the importance of mentoring and encouraging the next generation of artists to grow and develop their skills and talents in order to keep art alive in our community. This is mainly why we exist as an organization and why we look forward to partnering with MTSU’s Department of Art in this endeavor.”

All Todd Art Gallery exhibits, lectures and receptions are free and open to the public. For directions, parking and other questions contact eric.snyder@mtsu.edu or (615) 898-5532.


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