School’s Out for Summer!

A shout out to Dr. Henry Heimlich! The man credited with inventing the Heimlich Maneuver, a method of squeezing someone choking on a piece of food in a way that dislodges the object from their air passageway, got his chance to use the method on a choking victim himself. While sitting near a lady at his assisted living facility in Cincinnati, he noticed she was struggling to breathe, confirmed that a piece of food in her throat appeared to be the problem, and probably thought to himself, “Oh yeah, I got this,” before positioning himself behind the woman and successfully performing the famed dinnertime emergency medical procedure. The woman credits Heimlich with saving her life.

School’s out for summer!

Can you canoe? Give it a try. Go see a waterfall, take a hike, throw a Frisbee, ride a bike.

Immerse yourself in the area’s creativity and community at the Boro Art Crawl, the International Folk Fest, the Summer Arts Jam, an event or class at Starry Night Studio an open mic night, a car show, a farmers market, or surrounded by whatever it is that you enjoy. Bonnaroo is back, and the solstice is almost upon us. June 21 is also Make Music Day. If anyone would like to meet in a park and organize a little community drum circle or jam session, let’s do it. Hit me up at bracken@boropulse.com.

Some of the city administrators feel it is a good idea to impose a $5/month trash fee upon every household in the city.

What are they doing with the rest of the money they are given?

If people were not already paying hundreds of dollars a year in city property taxes, a $60-per-year trash pick-up fee would be a little easier to handle. But as it is, many families say “no thanks” to an additional tax and would prefer to spend their hard-earned $60 on another trip to the grocery store.

Perhaps the city can sell that old church they just bought since the solid waste department is evidently in such dire straits it can not afford to operate . . . maybe it would be a good idea to scale back on hiring tennis professionals, building parks and constantly expanding the police department budget if the city is incapable of providing trash pickup services. It would seem that should be a priority. (As always, do your best to reduce, reuse, recycle.)

Ms. Clinton seems to be declining in popularity recently as we get closer to election season.

Many paint her as a big-government liberal, which she probably is, but remember the previous Democrat President Clinton presided over a period of budget surpluses and great economic health in the U.S.

Republicans like to bash the liberals for overspending, but Bill Clinton was the most fiscally conservative president that could be, more so at least than Reagan or either Bush. Still, I don’t expect to vote for a Clinton this year; just pointing that out.

Take care of yourself this June.

And remember, you are ultimately responsible for your own actions, reactions and life. Now, you may cast blame on everyone and everything else surrounding you, but there will be a time when whatever everyone else has done doesn’t matter, and you must answer for the choices you have made. Yes, they matter, and yes, there is always a choice.


Bracken Mayo 

Publisher/Editor in Chief


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