Smyrna’s Starry Night Art Studio Offering Creative Classes and Camps for All Ages

The Starry Night Art Studio, located at 1450 Sam Davis Road in Smyrna, has created an environment where kids can be creative in their own way.

“Creativity is a thought process in gathering, sorting, and thinking things through to produce something meaningful,” says Starry Night owner Robin Kalata.

The studio offers after-school camps, birthday events, home school art classes, and open studio classes in painting, drawing, coloring and mixed media. But summer will be big for Starry Night, as there are 10 weeks of summer camp for kids ages 5–12. For $145 a week, which includes instructions, supplies, and a snack, children can tap into their inner imagination in a serene environment.

Each week of summer camp has a different theme, varying from puppets, tie-dying, ice art, comic art, printmaking and more.

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Kalata opened Starry Night in early April 2016.

“I’m turning 50 this year and I’m opening an art center,” Kalata said when the studio first opened. “If I don’t try to have a career using the talents I’ve been given I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

Commuting to her job each day, the artist said she reflected on her life.

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“I have loved my life,” the Starry Night founder said. “But it seems as though I have rushed right through it. Year after year striving more, working more, educating myself more and just rushing for more. So much of my life has changed through each accomplishment yet one thing has remained constant: the dream of living the creative life. You know, the whimsy of painting all day long barefoot, coloring on scraps of paper, doodling sunshine . . . the creative way, the creative life. The life that seems so romantic.

“So . . . I quit that great-paying job. Just like that,” Kalata said. And Starry Night Studio is now a reality.

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Living creatively is much more than drawing or painting, according to the studio owner.

“Creativity is full of divergent thinking; how to look at things a hundred different ways,” Kalata said. “Push your mind, and reach for goals that often may be outside of your comfort zone. How can I go to college? How can I raise my kids to be decent human beings? How can I decorate my house on limited funds? How can I buy my dream car? How can I get promoted at work? Think creatively, use your mind, and reach for all of it.”

The summer art camps at her facility begin the first week of June, and run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each weekday. Starry Night Art Studio also offers before- and after-care for those who need it.

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“Our studio is amazingly cozy and inviting in hopes of creating an inspirational environment,” Kalata said.

Starry Night also offers a coloring session each Wednesday evening for adults, and various other programming for aspiring artists of all ages.

For more information about schedules and summer camps, visit thestarrynightstudio.com.


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