Sweet Little Things

Hello Pulse Readers:

Once again, the Pulse delivers to you some of the best things about Murfreesboro, all wrapped in a neat little package, and available for you for free for your reading pleasure.

Keep on turning the pages and I bet you will learn something new about the town.

This month in the area there’s Borostock, the annual (free) independent rock festival at The Boro. There’s some reggae with Roots of a Rebellion, Jahimsa, Floralorix and Jah Judgement Soundsystem happening at TEMPT; a packed weekend of metal over at Autograph Rehearsal Studio; lots of live music, from bluegrass and Americana to doom and electronic; the Friday Night Live concert series continues on Aug. 5, the Boro Art Crawl the following weekend. There’s businesses opening and building occurring all the time, competitive indoor rock climbing, sushi, peaches, a fun run, a bike ride, Dubfest and pride fest.

Enter to win tickets to the upcoming Avatar-inspired Cirque du Soleil event coming up at Nashville’s Bridge-
stone Arena at boropulse.com/cirque. If you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil performance, check it out. You will be impressed!

If you want to float down the Stones or the Duck, do some sunbathing, swim in the pool over at SportsCom, or have a pool party elsewhere, you better get on it, because soon the Band of Blue will send the sound of their drums into the air, the pigskin will kick off, and the cooler fall season will arrive.

Visit The Ascent sometime; climbing is a ton of fun and a serious strength-training exercise and mental discipline builder.

Big announcement from the Mayos regarding a new addition to the family: two little kittens have come to live with us.

Those sweet little furballs have just brought some joy and laughter to us all. At just a few months old they have already learned some complex wrestling maneuvers, pouncing, rolling and slamming one another. In their downtime those adorable beasts sit on my lap while I’m typing at times, occasionally trying to climb my leg with their claws out, deciding to walk across the keyboard while a document is open or perhaps even sneaking under the table while I am barefoot and stealthily jabbing a razor claw into the tender part of the foot.

Sweet little things.

Whomever the next president may be, let’s try to not let that individual obtain too much power.

I’m not sure this method of continuous media obsession over who will be president and every detail of the campaigning circus is healthy. Theoretically, the president shouldn’t be able to mandate much of anything, without Congress, the courts and to some extent the majority of the American people going along for the ride.

However you may choose to worship or view God, I hope it involves respecting other’s life, liberty and property.

Even if you don’t directly help anyone in a significant way this month, perhaps try not to harm anyone and show those you encounter a basic level of respect, and let’s see how that works out.


Bracken Mayo 

Publisher/Editor in Chief


About the Author

Bracken, a 2003 graduate of MTSU’s journalism program, is the founder and publisher of The Murfreesboro Pulse. He lives in Murfreesboro with his wife, graphic artist and business partner, Sarah, and son, Bracken Jr. Bracken enjoys playing the piano, sushi, Tool, football, chess, jogging, spending time in his backyard with his chickens, hippie music, climbing at The Ascent, bowling, swimming, soup, tennis, sunshine, revolution, defiance and anarchy. He can cook a mean grilled cheese, and can fry just about anything.

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