Bee Stings and Eating Local

Research for the piece in last month’s edition of the Pulse on the Ascent climbing facility led to some soreness in the arms. That’s OK. That was a strength-building, good type of soreness.

Research for the piece on beekeeping in the area in this month’s edition also led to some arm soreness after three of those little honey bees stung me on the left wrist. I had to remind myself of all of the delicious honey I have consumed in my life during those two days of trying to overlook a feverish, swollen left arm. The bees have gotten their revenge!

So, there is some risk involved in keeping bees, but also a sweet reward.

Read more about honey and beekeeping in this edition.

Continuing the eating local theme, this edition of the Murfreesboro Pulse contains a listing of local restaurants of various types. Never let anyone say to you “there’s only chain restaurants in Murfreesboro” or “I’m new to town and don’t know where the cool, unique places are.”

Hand them that list!

This will be an ongoing directory of local eateries on boropulse.com, so we can adjust as needed. I trust the loyal readers of the Pulse will help with that endeavor.

Which establishments do you recommend?

I have avoided most anything involving Trump and Hillary this past month. That went pretty well. Stay informed, but the next time you have the option of engaging in some political debate with little chance of real education or resolution, you may be better off spending your time and energy on something that brings a little more joy into your life or benefit to your family or business.

As usual, Murfreesboro will host a ton of events this month. The Greenway Art Fest is coming up with lots of talented creators, Johnaroo at the Avenue gives young rock musicians a chance to take the stage, Wine Around the Square benefits the local Power of Pink charity, take a trip around the globe right at Cannonsburgh at the ’Boro International Festival, attend a magic show at Stones River Mall, Oktoberfest at Oaklands, the big benefit concert for the Howard’s Hope program, run a 5K—the community offers all sorts of activities.

Everybody Drum Some will lead another group rhythm session on the evening of Sept. 22 at the Square.

Make American drum again!

MTSU alum Hunter Marlowe has invented a little jangly for your guitar hole. Great concept. Read all about it in the following pages.

There may be some hatred, violence, negativity, funny smells and stuff that doesn’t work correctly out there in the world, but if you seek the love, peace, creativity, community, ice cream and laughter, you will find it!


About the Author

Bracken, a 2003 graduate of MTSU’s journalism program, is the founder and publisher of The Murfreesboro Pulse. He lives in Murfreesboro with his wife, graphic artist and business partner, Sarah, and son, Bracken Jr. Bracken enjoys playing the piano, sushi, Tool, football, chess, jogging, spending time in his backyard with his chickens, hippie music, climbing at The Ascent, bowling, swimming, soup, tennis, sunshine, revolution, defiance and anarchy. He can cook a mean grilled cheese, and can fry just about anything.

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